Gifts You Should Be Careful About Giving Families With Young Children

When the birthday of someone you love comes around, there’s a certain amount of pressure to give them a gift that they will love.

You might know something that would be absolutely perfect for them but how can you tell if it is safe for everyone in their household?

Giving gifts to adults that have children of their own can get a little bit tricky. You want to make your loved one happy while not risking damage to the gift or the child!

There are so many great options for family-friendly gifts that adults and children can enjoy. Here are a few that you should avoid purchasing, even if they seem like great adult gift ideas.

Collectible Items

Anything a child sees, they will almost certainly want to touch. This is especially the case for any items that might look like tons of fun. They will absolutely just have to play with it.

If the friend or loved one you are celebrating collects anything, whether it is race cars or rare dolls, they will more likely than not catch the eye of a child.

Many items that people collect look exciting to children. And of course, if they are told not to touch something, that will make them want to touch it even more!

It would be heartbreaking to see a collectible item go into a toddler’s mouth or covered in their favorite colored marker. It would be best to stay away from the collectible items and find a game or movie that the whole family could enjoy.

CBD Products

Anything in a medicine and supplement cabinet is generally unsafe when in the hands of young children. It is always up to the parents’ discretion to give their children any kind of supplement.

Giving parents a gift of CBD could absolutely benefit them but could put the children in the house at risk. If they see something new on the counter or in the cabinet, they might reach to try it without asking.

 According to Daily CBD Magazine, there are certain risks that come along with taking CBD-based products because of the amount of THC some could contain. Adults know how to take these rationally, but children would not be aware of the effects.

It can be dangerous for a child to take CBD oil in an unregulated amount. If they find the product, it will likely go directly into their mouths as many things do for young children.

According to CBD Kyro, CBD can come along with some side effects, like fatigue, nausea, and diarrhea. It is also common to notice a change in appetite.

It is not safe for children to experience any of these effects, so it is best to keep these products out of the house until they are old enough to understand the purpose.

Rather than a supplement like CBD, think about giving your friend a cookbook full of healthy recipes or a juice bottle they can use to enforce a healthier lifestyle.

Breakable Decorations

Young children, especially those still learning to stand up and walk around, are not always the most careful. They might reach to pull themselves up to a table only to knock over whatever is in their way.

While this is an accident, of course, the mess and danger of glass on the floor is very real. Vases and other homey decor are commonly made of glass that small children can easily knock over.

Children that are bigger might still have moments of rough play, accidentally tossing a ball into a ceramic lamp or picture frame.

Rather than a breakable decoration, think of getting your loved one a canvas print or a decoration they would love that is not glass or ceramic. You could even go for the DIY art project to make them something perfect!

Smart Devices

Cellphones, tablets, and smartwatches are so useful and make everyday life a little bit easier. When children are involved, however, using these can get a little more difficult.

These items can be easy to break. While you can do your best to keep them from children, they will always be mesmerized by the exciting apps and captivating videos these devices can connect to.

The All About U blog recognizes that children spend too much time on tablets indoors instead of outside. They suggest spending more time in the yard, so consider giving them an outdoor game for the whole family to enjoy!

Let the parents make the decisions about the screen time in the house. You can give a gift that will allow them to spend time together instead.

Board Games with Small Pieces

Board games can be fun for the family when every child is old enough to play and not put the pieces in their mouths.

Many games do come with tiny pieces that are easy for small children to swallow. Card games are a great alternative for parents with children that always seem to be hungry.

There are also some board games that contain larger pieces, so you could always look around carefully for those.

It might just be easier to stick to a gift that you know for sure won’t put the children at risk. A board game is not always the best option when taking the well-being of the children into account.

Video Game Systems

You might want to spoil the people you love the most with expensive gifts that will knock their socks off.

If you know they love gaming, you might feel inclined to give them a video game system they can spend hours playing on.

Lights and buttons? It sounds like a field day for a small child! Don’t forget about the dangerous plugs and outlets involved too!

These expensive machines are easily damageable if they get into sticky little hands. Games can also get scratched and be unusable when they are taken out of their cases.

Video games might be a great gift for the teenage crowd but aren’t always the safest when small children are around.

Getting the perfect gift might seem tough at first, but with a little thought and sometimes searching the stores, you will no doubt find an item worth giving.

Author bio: Marina Turea works as content manager at Digital Authority Partners, and is a huge fan of all things CBD.

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