Giving More at Christmas

Christmas is officially the time of giving; but with so much media attention highlighting the latest clothes and toys our children ‘need’, often the true act of giving is forgotten. It’s easy to swipe your way through the internet buying endless gifts for your loved ones, but what means more is giving to those that need more. Sometimes this means a little extra effort, but more often than not, the true essence of giving is really quite simple.

This season, why not look for ways to show your children how fortunate they are; as well as teach them to give back a little? There are many things you can do as a family in order for your children to learn the principle of giving. Here are a few ideas:

Prepare fresh soup, a hot meal, sandwiches or cake and take it to your local soup kitchen to give to those in need. Your family can make a meal at home and/or go along to help serve.

Hand out blankets or socks to the homeless on a winter night. A simple pair of socks can make a small but important difference to the life of someone living on the streets, helping them avoid blisters, infections and even trench foot. 

If knitting is your thing, why not make hats or mittens to take to your local NICU? This will be a welcome gift for new or poorly babies and is a great activity for older children to be a part of.

Every year, as you prepare for the oncoming stockpile of toys and other plastic goods, take some time a few weeks before Christmas to clear out the old toys. Go through their rooms, search the toy closet, and pick the older stuff to send to a charitable organization. Make sure the kids are part of this process!

Encourage your kids to start saving money to give to their selected charity. Ask them for their input when choosing who to donate too. Explain where their money will go and what it will do so that it means more to them. Help them understand that even a very small donation can go a long way. GoodGood Giving partner with a variety of charities for you to choose from and they’re an organisation who give back. By donating as little as £10, you’ll be entered into a draw to win an incredible experience. This only adds to the fun of giving!

Bake treats for your neighbours or your children’s friends and leave them on their doorstep anonymously! Your kids will enjoy the fun and mystery of this act of service and learn to love giving.

Teach your children that they can give back to the globe by being more conscious about the world around them. You can show them that by picking up litter or using less plastic can help save our precious planet.

Giving can be as simple as passing along a compliment. Encourage your children to share a kind word or two with a classmate, teacher or family member! The gift of appreciation will go a long way to brighten someone’s day during the holiday season. 

Giving feels good. Make someone’s Christmas extra special this year and feel the joy of meaningful giving.

*this is a collaborative post.

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