For those of you that don’t know me, I have a confession: I have terrible eyesight! I wear contact lenses pretty much all of the time (which I am pretty sure has led to some eye problems and probably made my eyesight worse). I do have eyeglasses but I just don’t wear them very often, and pretty much you’ll only see me in them when I have run out of contacts or have just woken up. I know that is bad though and I need to change that and wear them more often. It is just a case of finding a pair that I want to wear really. I have such a square face that I don’t suit too many styles. However, offered me the chance to review a pair of glasses from their website.

I have ordered glasses online before and haven’t had too many problems. However, I know it can be a worry for some people. But, the website has a tool where you can upload your photograph/ head shot, and then you can see what you look like with the lenses on. I found that really useful for me, because it is tricky to tell what size the frames will be on my face. I need quite large ones, or ones that are wide enough for my broad face.


The pair I chose are called Dana – Aviator, priced at $39.95. I chose them as I already have quite a thick chunky plastic wayfarer style pair, so I thought an Aviator style would be quite funky and a little bit retro. Almost certain that I’m not cool enough to pull them off, but I will give it a go!


The ordering process was really straightforward and simple, and the glasses arrived in just under a week. To say that they were coming from abroad, and the fact that they are custom made, was pretty impressive. I was really pleased. The quality of the glasses is good, and they are made to measure, providing you give them the correct measurements. You need to know what your prescription is, and a few other measurements like the distance between your eyes, but it is all explained in the checkout process. The glasses that arrived fitted me well and I really like them. They come in a case and with a cleaning cloth too.

Would I recommend I certainly would! The quality of the glasses is good, and they prices are really competitive. I have always found glasses so pricey when I go to the normal opticians, so I was pleased with the price point that these have. They aren’t flimsy or anything, so the quality isn’t compromised over the price.

If you’d like to grab yourself a pair or prescription sunglasses or glasses from, then I have a special discount code for – use the code:  GSHOT50 for 50% off your order (sale items not included).

Rebecca x*the glasses were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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