Go Figure: A Healthier Way To Lose Weight?

I’m no stranger to dieting and watching my weight and being conscious of my health. I think I always will be one of those people that does. So as a result, I have tried various different ways to lose weight before. Some worked and weight stayed off. Some didn’t work, or I just couldn’t get along with it. So I was intrigued to try out the Go Figure Diet plan, to see if it is a good way to lose weight.

How Does the Diet Work?

The diet format isn’t new; it is a meal replacement shake for breakfast and one for lunch. There are snack bars that you can have mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Then you have a balanced and healthy meal for your evening meal. You of course, should drink plenty of water and exercise a little each day too.

How is it Different?

This was what I as intrigued about as it claims that it is a health way to lose weight. Quite often you think that if you are having meal replacement shakes, that it can’t actually be that healthy for you. But the proof is in the pudding, so to speak, and trying it all out.

The ingredients used are much more natural than other meal replacement brands that I have used before. The nutty flapjack snack bars that I tried are cold-pressed (which you know is already onto a winner). On the label it says that it is made from things like chopped dates, gluten free oats, peanuts, sultanas and sunflower seeds. No added sugar in sight!

The cacao chocolate shake that I have been trying contains things like gluten free oat flour, raw cacao, vitamins and minerals, flaxseed, chia seeds, and superfoods in powder form like watercress, kelp, spirulina and maca, to name a few. Again, not unnatural sugars there.

So How Did it Go?

I have been trying the Go Figure diet for a week now, and so far, I have lost 4 lbs after one week. So it does working terms of weight loss. This method of diet is proven to work, so I wasn’t particularly surprised that this was the case. What I am pleased with is just how much better you feel having foods like this as part of a ‘diet’. You know that you can lose some weight and actually be filling your body with plenty of good stuff. Other meal replacements use artificial sweeteners and things that can alter your blood sugar. the ingredients in the Go Figure plan are designed to keep your blood sugar steady. So as someone who sufferers with PCOS, keeping my blood sugar as stable as possible is so important.

I was surprised to find that I felt more full than I have on other diets like this. I know it says you can have the snack bar mid-morning, but in all honesty, I haven’t always felt hungry for it. As long as you are drinking plenty of water it helps too.

I liked that I could have a regular meal with my family too. I can be hard to stick to a diet when you are all eating different things at meal times and have to prepare different meals. So this fitted in well to my lifestyle as a mum.

Have you ever heard of this diet before? Do you think that you’d ever give it a go?


*the products were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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