I’m Going to BML16!

Yes, you read that title correctly, I’m going to BML16! For those of you that don’t know, BritMums Live is a blogging conference for  UK parent bloggers. It is one of the biggest conferences on the blogging calendar and it is held in London.

I have only ever been to one blogging conference before, Blogfest, and although I was chilling out on my own for a lot of the time, I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot. I have made changes to my blog and social media because of it. I made some great connections with PRs and brands, as their representatives were usually the ones chilling out on their own too! So I hope to have a smilier experience at BML. I have never been before, so, be gentle!


  • My name: Rebecca is the formal name I suppose. Becky works fine too 🙂
  • My blog: This is my blog funnily enough, All about U or AAUBlog
  • Find me on social media at: I’m on all forms of social media, and you’ll find me everywhere under @AAUBlog
  • How I look: see the picture above ↑ 
    • I guess I am quite tall (5’9) with shortish dyed blonde hair (it was blonde when I was little, honest).
  • I will be wearing: good grief, I don’t think I ever plan that far ahead. I will look for something a few days before! Most often seen in black.
  • What I hope to gain from #BML16: I hope to gain some more contacts and relationships with brands. Most of all I am looking to build my confidence, meet new people (and meet up with those that I already know), as well as gain lots of tips from the bloggers and influencers that I adore
  • My tips for a great conference: Having only been to one, I’m not sure if I’m qualified to comment.  However, I found that a pen and notepad are a must, as well as business cards. Make sure you have lots of storage ready on your phone too. Don’t be afraid to go to talk to people, either. We are all there to meet people, network and learn, right?

So hands up who else is going?! I’d love to meet lots of you! And if I’m wandering around by myself, do come and say hello 🙂


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