Four Good Deeds You Can Do This Year

If you made a long list of resolutions at the start of year but you’ve yet to do anything about them, don’t panic. Since it’s sol early on in the year, there’s still time to make a difference. If you’re keen to carry out good deeds throughout 2017, here are four examples of things you can do.

  1. Donate to charity

There’s no denying that donating to charity is a brilliant example of a good deed, and there are a number of ways you can do your bit. The quickest and most effective way to make a difference is to contribute money. Whether you’re able to give a little or a lot, the cash you donate will go towards providing assistance to those who need it most. You could choose to make a one-off payment or you could sign up to make regular contributions. It’s also possible to make religious donations, for example by giving Zakat.

Apart from giving money, there are other ways you can donate. For example, you could take your unwanted belongings to a local charity shop. You can usually donate items such as clothes, shoes, books, jewellery, ornaments and even larger items, like electrical appliances and furniture.


  1. Volunteer your time

This year, why not give up some of your time to volunteer? Whether you’re able to devote an hour, a whole day or even longer, dedicating yourself to a good cause is a fantastic use of your time. You should be able to find a number of projects you can get involved in within your local community by searching online. Whether you assist at a soup kitchen for the homeless or visit unwell children at your local hospital, volunteering is a great way to positively impact others.

  1. Give blood

Did you know that giving blood can save lives? Whether it’s in an emergency or for long-term treatment, many people would not be alive today if it wasn’t for blood donations. So, to really make a difference in 2017, you could make a vow to donate your blood in a bid to help those who need it most. If you’re between the ages of 17 and 65, you’re healthy, fit and weigh over 50kg, you should be able to take part. You could give blood as a one off or you could choose to donate on a regular basis. Men are able to give blood every 12 weeks, while it’s 16 weeks for women. You can find out where you can do this online.

  1. Go out of your way to help others

Whether it’s for a complete stranger or someone you already know, going out of your way to help others is a great way to spread kindness. There are a variety of helpful good deeds you can do that involve lending a hand to someone else. For example, you could pick up food shopping for an elderly neighbour or you could offer to help out a colleague with a project at work. Whatever act of kindness you end up doing, you’re guaranteed to make someone smile and you could even inspire others to follow suit.

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  • Great ideas! I give to charity but would love to find somewhere to volunteer. I used to do it when I was at school and uni but then life got so busy. It’s important to give back huh!x

  • I feel good when I send 3 bags of clothing to the charity shops! I used to Volunteer with the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, and have helped train 3 Hearing Dogs. I felt very proud of what we did.