Growing Your Own Food: The Key To Eating Well?

If you look up any ‘healthy eating tips’ online, then you tend to see a lot of the same things. Drink plenty of water, have a colourful plate of food, and reduce your intake of things that saturated fats and processed foods. But in my experience, there is something missing; growing your own food.

For the past several summers, we have had an abundance of strawberries growing in our garden.

It started off with one small strawberry plant, and then year after year it just grew and grew. My children loved being out there over those peak months that they grow, and they would just grab the strawberries to eat, as well as picking them to then make something with them. We made smoothies, our own jam, sorbet, and plenty of strawberry filled goodness. We no longer have that strawberry patch after getting the extension to our house, so this summer it will be missed. There is something really important about growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Luckily for me, innocent have teamed up with Grow It Yourself for a campaign called The Big Grow. Now that we have some better weather, it has been the perfect time to be out in the garden and getting things planted. We have been planting peas over the past couple of weeks, and the children have enjoyed checking on them to see how things are going. They’ve each got a watering can, so have been making the most of using them and getting outdoors.

I know from our experience with the strawberries, and when the peas are fully grown, that the kids and I are much more aware of where our food comes from and just how long the process of growing food can be. I for one have been actively trying to reduce our food waste, and it is pretty crazy to think that you can throw something out that has taken someone (or yourself) weeks to grow.

But for the children, growing their own veg is a great way to help them better understand where their food comes from.

We have been talking about all of the things that these seeds needs to grow, and they both are the ones reminding me that they need watering. I hope that by growing some food themselves as children, it will make them be more mindful and conscious when they eat, as well as be more appreciative of the food that we have. From the things that have been saying to me, I know that they enjoy eating what we’ve grown; I just hope the healthy habits of eating plenty of fruit and veg (and growing it), will stick with them over time. 

After two weeks…

You can sign up to receive your own Big Grow pack HERE and teachers can get their hands on free growing packs too. Really worth giving it a go! I think it is not only something fun to do with the children and encourage them to outdoors, but it helps them to take responsibility for something, as well as establish some good habits and get them learning all about Grow Systems.

Do you grow anything at home already? I like that you don’t need too much space to grow things like these pea shoots, so will work on doorsteps or windowsills if you don’t have much outside space. It would be great to hear what you think.

*post in collaboration with innocent. All opinions are my own.

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