Guest Post | 10 Amazing Low Budget Home Decorating Ideas for Summer

Summer isn’t too far away if you think about it. Scary thought! Other than the surely exciting summer getaways you have planned – the sun, the sea and sand – is the very real summer heat that can rise to sky-high temperatures and humidity. So the question is: Is your home decorated and ready for Mr. Sun to beat down on it?

Certain home arrangements and decorations can actually make your home feel cooler. It can help fight away the summer heat. Here are 10 amazing low-budget home decorating ideas for summer to help you and your home cool off.

Put up see-through curtains

Heavy drapes are good insulators and perfect for a cold weather, but it’s time to put them aside when summer comes. You would want to have the breeze freely pass through your house, through your windows. See-through curtains can easily flow with the breeze and let the air in your home. This will help cool down the house and add design to your home

Add appealing natural prints wallpapers

Natural prints wallpapers can add to the summer vibe of your home. Use light colors or summer-inspired designs to maintain the theme. Natural prints can also give a cool tone to your house, especially during the hot summer days. Add wallpapers to your bedroom too. Together with your bedroom furniture, you can make your home your own personal vacation spot. There are a handful of businesses like WallBoss who provide customised, decorative wallpapers, murals and stickers to help decorate your home on a tight budget.

Inexpensive small trinkets

Trinkets and charms can add beauty to your home. Trinkets can either be souvenirs from your previous trips which can have special meaning or you can also buy them from your local department stores. They are small designs that can add to the summer mood of your home. It can add color and the small intricate designs will look stylish for your home.

Amazing Low-Budget Home Decorating Ideas for This Summer

Save electricity

It’s during the summer days when the electric bills would always shoot up. The almost constant air conditioning; if you have a pressure tank, water will be in constant use; fans and refrigerators work double time – during the hot days, saving on electricity is almost impossible. To get the whole “summer” vibe for your home and save a little on electricity, use scented candles. Scented candles can add to the cool atmosphere of your home and you can use them during night time when you are bonding with the family.

Breathtaking centerpiece for kitchen

You know how vacation spots will have beautiful flowers on their tables? It’s actually part of the making the place look more perfect for summer. You can use flowers or fruits as your centerpiece. Tropical fruits are common during summer and can make your home look more summer-ready.

Set up an outdoor living area

Set up a living area outdoor, like your garden or your porch. This is where your family can hang out during the afternoons or the hottest parts of the day. You can set up your couch, complete with summer-themed throw pillows where you can take your afternoon naps. Your outdoor living area is a perfect place to hang out where you can feel the breeze and cool off the summer heat.

Design decorative pillow cases

Make your own pillow cases using summer, flowery themed materials. It is one home accessory that you can make yourself since it’s easy to do. Choose light materials that are soft and cool to keep the skin feeling fresh.


Go green with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers always add a touch of beauty and elegance to a home. Plant flowers around your garden or place flowers in a vase around your home. The fresh scent can make your home feel breezy and cool.

Hang motivational posters

Trends in home design nowadays are motivational posters and photos that you can hang around your home. The colorful posters can add to the summer look. At the same time, the motivational quotes can add to the positivity of your home.

Get creative with glassware items

The glassware you use during Christmas time to hold candies and chocolates can also be used during summer time. You can fill them will colorful balls or use them as flower vase to add color and a vibrant summer glow to your home.

Avoid spikes in your electricity bills and over using your air conditioning systems. Summer is the best time to go out in the open and enjoy the summer breeze. Give your home a summer make over. With the right arrangement and interior home design, you can keep your home breezy and cool. You can make your home your own summer vacation spot.

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