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Hourzz – Helping you overcome designer block

If you are like me and just recently brought your own property then you will know the excitement of it all. Not only do you finally have a place you can call your own but it a place where you can put your own personal stamp and are able to design your home your way. I know myself when I moved into my new property there was nothing quite like working on a bare naked canvas and adding your own personal je ne sais quoi, especially as I was coming from a restricted rented property where nothing was our own.

While working on a bare canvas can seem a little daunted at first, not knowing where to start or even where to finish can be the first major task to overcome. I had this problem when it came to the interior design of my new place, suddenly I was hit with ‘designer block’ where I couldn’t decide on what I wanted, and whether or not to have the bedroom white or lilac, the choices and freedom of it all suddenly hit me.

There was time when I would look through interior design magazines and go ‘nah’ there was nothing for me or I’d watch property TV shows and wished you could do that but find it outside my budget.  I would be searching all over the internet to find that perfect design or that perfect piece of furniture only to be met with a dead end.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one with this ‘designer block’ problem, there’s only so much googling you can take before saying enough is enough.

That why I’m really happy I discovered Houzz, it’s basically a dream website that can help solve your designer block in an instant. It has a massive collection of every single interior design you can ever dream off, you can planned your own personal spa in your own home or planned that perfect kitchen you always wanted. The best part of this is that there is a directory of interiors designers – so most likely you can find someone to help you near where you live.

If you are forever on the go and don’t have time to look through endless images and directory then you can take a look on your phone as there is an iphone app for the website, meaning you can find inspirations on your lunch break.

If you found something you did like and want to save it, then you can create ‘idealbook’ where you can get a collection of certain looks or designs in one folder.

I’m a little excited since discovering this website and wanting to tell people, you probably have heard of this already but I think anyone suddenly faced with ‘designer block’ should head over to the website, especially if you’re a proud owner of your new property.

Here’s one design I really like at the moment so please let me know if you like it as well, it one I’m thinking of doing for the bedroom so I would love to hear your feedback.

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