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{ This guest post is from John O’Connor, as US based father, outdoorsman & sports enthusiast that is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. You can check out his new blog here: }

“Most people take their hearing from granted and do not pay much attention to it until it is gone. Many people associate hearing loss, deafness and hearing aids with the elderly. Unfortunately, about 8% of everyone in America that suffers with severe to profound hearing loss are under the age of 18. Some children developed this hearing loss overtime while others were born with auditory challenges.

Children with hearing loss may face difficulties in learning and development that do not affect other children. Many will have difficulty learning to speak or pronounce new words. Hearing loss can also cause problems with learning vocabulary and grammar as well as communication in general.

Some individuals experience hearing loss so profound that non-verbal forms of communication become the best option. Many deaf and hearing-impaired children and their families communicate using sign language.

Although hearing loss prevents challenges, children today can take courage from the examples of many famous individuals who have succeeded despite living with hearing loss. Major league baseball player Nick Hamilton lost most of his hearing after being diagnosed with a rare hearing disorder at the age of three. Despite this, Hamilton played baseball through college and was drafted in 2012 to play for the Cleveland Indians. While playing he reads lips and pays attention to gestures of team-mates and coaches in order to communicate.

Marlee Matlin lost all the hearing in her right ear and 80% of hearing in her left ear at 18 months old but many people in America know her name. As an actress she has won an Oscar and a Golden Globe and she has been nominated for multiple Emmy awards. Both Nick and Marlee did not let their hearing loss deter them from reaching their dreams and goals in life. Having hearing loss does not make a child any different from anyone else in their classes, sports teams or groups of friends. As parents, its our job to make sure our children are fully informed about their hearing loss and make sure they know, as mentioned above, that their hearing loss does not mean that they have to live a different life from their friends and family.


Hearing Aid provider EarQ runs a campaing called HearStrong to encourage those with hearing loss to live the life they dream about and eliminate the stigmas of hearing loss we hear about in society. Their campaign actively seeks and names HearStrong Champions, individuals like those listed above who overcame their disability to become role models for everyone, not just those in the hearing impaired community.

Life comes with difficulties but hearing loss doesn’t have to be one of them With the right knowledge, love and a little heart, anything is possible”.

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