Guest Post | Easy To Implement Luxurious Design Ideas For Small Urban Gardens

If you are lucky enough to own a garden in the crazy, crowded urban jungle, then you must consider yourself blessed! Just imagine how relaxing it can be to sip your morning coffee in the garden while admiring the beauty around.

Is your garden too small? Don’t worry about size! When it comes to gardens, everything is possible and even small garden can be impressive with a few ingenious tips & tricks. And, because we don’t like to do things small, today we’re going to talk about design ideas that will transform your small patch of grass into a luxuriant urban garden.

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Green walls

Most urban gardens are enclosed within walls or have at least one big, ugly concrete wall. Well, you can completely change the mood by simply covering it in luxuriant green. The best plant to use on a wall is ivy, but you can always add small trees in the corner, and plants with big leaves at the bottom.

The result will be an incredibly luxurious oasis of green that you may not want to leave; ever.

Find luxury in relaxation

Relaxation doesn’t necessary mean having a bench and a grill in the garden. No, things could be so much more beautiful, with just a few simple touches. For example:

  • A beautiful pergola – you can design a gorgeous relaxation place in the garden by simply combining a rich wooden structure with some hanging wisteria. Add some ivy on the pillars and some fluffy pillows on your outside furniture and that’s it! The combination of green and white is very simple yet, very extravagant.
  • Furniture that makes you think about vacation – remember those beautiful wicker chairs you sat on in Greece, admiring the sea? There’s no reason why you can’t make the garden a small Mediterranean heaven! Start with rattan, wicker and wood furniture. If you add a lemon tree to the combination, you can just close your eyes and dream.
  • Tear down visual barriers – invite your luxuriant garden into your home by replacing the doors that lead to it with French doors. Why create a beautiful garden that you can’t see all the time?

Since we all know that the outdoor beauty must complement the warm and cozy environment of your house, there will definitely be more decorating to do. You’d have to think about simple but elegant interior design ideas that will create space and harmony inside as well. Only this way, your oasis of relaxation and inner peace will be complete.

The rooftop terrace

You can make the most out of your garden regardless of its location. If your space is on the roof of a building, you might actually be in luck. There is plenty of sun for your plants and nothing casts a shadow, unless you want to. Even more, rooftop gardens tend to be bigger than the usual urban garden so you can actually divide the space into areas. Nothing compares with relaxing in your rooftop oasis and admiring the entire city from above.

Invite in a specialist

If you like the idea of having a beautiful urban garden, but you don’t know where to start, it’s always best to ask a specialist. Luxuriant urban gardens do seem incredibly simple and natural but the creation process requires talent and attention to details. Transforming a patch of grass into a functional work of art with stunning scenes and luxurious touches is definitely a job for a professional.

So, yes it’s more than possible to have a luxurious urban garden! All you have to do is find the combination that optimizes the space and the relaxation possibilities.

*Guest post by John

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