How To Quickly Pull Together A Guest Room In Time For Christmas

Christmas always suddenly lands on our feet and we often find ourselves in a mad rush trying to get everything ready for the big day such as decorating the house, buying gifts, and also making sure that you’ve got all of the food in too. Sometimes, plans change and you might have found yourself suddenly being a host to guests this year, but your guest room isn’t habitable?! No fear, here’s some great tips on how to quickly pull a guest room together this Christmas – with plenty of time to spare!


Clear our personal belongings

First of all you will need to box up and clear out any personal belongings that you’ve been storing in your guest room. While they probably won’t mind, there’s nothing worse than the thought of the guest room being cluttered and making their stay less enjoyable. Even if this means putting things in your bedroom for the duration of their stay, it means you can rest assured your guests will be comfortable in their room.

Wipe down the walls

If your guest room isn’t a room that’s used very often, it would be a good idea to wipe down the walls and skirting boards to remove any dust and debris that’s collected in their over time. Complete that with a good vacuuming and a polish of shiny surfaces and you’ve got a clean room ready for guests!

Get a new mattress

If the mattress in the guest room is a bit aged or well used, then it might be time to renew it for the comfort of your guests. Luckily, you can get cheap mattresses from and they offer free next day delivery too, so you won’t be pacing around hoping that the new mattress arrives in time for their stay! Giving your guests the gift of a super comfortable night sleep will be all they need to enjoy their stay.

Add homely touches

Another great idea to make your guest room inviting would be to add homely touches like rugs, towels for your guests to use, lamps, a tv, and some scented candles. This will allow your guests to retire to their room if they wish and still feel super comfortable in your home.

Freshen the linen

Finally, take down the drapes and remove any cushion covers, pillowcases and duvet covers and give them a good hot wash to freshen them up. This will help leave the room smelling fresh and it will also soften all of the bedding for an even more comfortable night sleep. Plus, drapes that have been hanging a while will have accrued dust and smells that will ruin the ambience of the room that you’ve created.
As you can see, creating a guest room isn’t far out of reach, and it’s easily doable! Try these tips this year and wow your guests with your super comfortable guest room! Let the celebrations begin and more importantly, enjoy your Christmas!

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