A Guide to Green Juices

If you ready blog regularly, you will know what I am a big fan of green juice. I have shared recipes before and a few tips and tricksΒ if you are thinking about starting a juice detox. I have shared before that juicing can get a bit of a bad rep, but I think it is misunderstood. When done occasionally as a detox, it can do your body a lot of good. I don’t think it should be used as a weight loss aid but just to carry on being healthy, help my body, my blood sugar levels, and give me a boost.

So what is in a ‘green’ juice?

The term mainly applies to the colour of it. And to get such a colour, you need things like, spinach, kale, broccoli or superfoods like spirulina. They need to be the heaviest part of the juice, as well as things like mint, celery or cucumber. Then you can add some fruits if you would like. It makes it sweeter, but as a result, means it has more sugar. So a green juice doesn’t necessarily mean a low calorie food.


Why should I have green juice?

There are many benefits, as well as just tasting good. Green juice can:

  • Alkalise the body, meaning that it balances out all of the acids in the stomach and neutralise toxins in the body
  • High in chlorophyll, which is great for our blood, as well as being full of antioxidants
  • They are high in iron and other minerals. This comes from all of the leafy vegetables. So it helps digestion, our energy levels and is important in pregnancy
  • They can help to purify the liver. So if you are a drinker, it is very important
  • Improve blood sugar problems. As someone with PCOS, I have found that this is is a massive help in regulating my blood sugar
  • Help rebuild tissues. This is important when we have an injury or if we are exercising / weight training

How do I have green juice?

The first thing you need is a juicer, funnily enough. The great thing about a juicer is that it sorts the goodness from the waste for you – so you don’t even need to finely chop or peel your food. When you have your recipe, just pop the ingredients in bit by bit in the juicer. That simple! It is a good idea to only make what you will have in 24 hours and store in the fridge. It isn’t much good to drink after that amount of time!

If you only have a blender, you could put all the ingredients in and make a smoothie, rather than a juice. It will have a lot of fibre in smoothie form but doesn’t get to your body’s tissues as quickly in this form. Better than a fizzy drink, though, right?

Are you a green juice fan? I’d love to hear what you think πŸ™‚

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday


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