Guide on How to Implement Effective Parenting

Not everyone who has children is equipped with parenting skills to look after their children. The skill does not come naturally when you have a child, rather, you must learn it yourself. Developing parenting skills is important if you want your children to grow up healthily. You should not be pushing this responsibility to a hired nanny or someone else if you want to have a positive image in your child growing up process.

Display Good Behavior

Kids look like their parents and they will also follow everything their parents do. Your kids constantly pay attention to your behavior and imitate them. If you constantly scold vulgar words, your kids will eventually pick up the same vulgar words too. If you want your kids to behave well, you must behave well in front of them first. In your behavior, you should demonstrate the traits that you want to see in your children, for example friendliness, kindness, politeness, and hardworking. When people help you, you should express thank you and your child will learn to do the same.

Be Consistent in Disciplining Your Kids

Parents must get their kids into a discipline lifestyle by setting up rules in the household. Every time when meal time, they must make sure the kids come to the dining table to eat. Parents must check their kids schoolbags and make sure they do all their homework. You can give your kids one warning and then followed by consequences. Many parents are soft and forget about follow through with the consequences. If your child sees that you are soft, he will not be afraid and will repeat the same mistake again. You must be consistent in talking back every time your child repeat the mistake.

Let Your Kids Watch Moral Shows

Children who frequently watch shows with a moral lesson tend to show good behavior and know how to be filial to their parents. There are lots of folklores from different countries that have hidden wisdom for children to learn. Instead of letting your children surfing the internet, you can download them from places like iTunes and YouTube and copy them into their tablets so that they watch offline. If you download the movies from iTunes, they will be in M4V format. You can convert m4v to mp4 online with the Online Video Converter program to allow your kids can watch them on the Android tablet. The file conversion only takes a few minutes. First, you open the software and drag the M4V movies you’ve downloaded from iTunes into the software. You can drag multiple M4V movies and they will all opened at the same time. Next, just select MP4 in the Video tab and click on the Convert button to start the conversion.

Give Your Children Enough Attention

Children need attention apart from the nourishment to grow up. As parents, you should be at home with your children and not be outside working for the whole day. If you can’t be at home, you should at least let them be with their grandparents. Kids that don’t get enough attention will start to show bad temper to get noticed. When you come back from work, you can spend some time to help your children with the homework. On weekend, you can take them out on an outing. Every day, you should spend time making breakfast for your kids and driving them to school yourself.

Regularly Communicate with Your Children

Parents should frequently communicate with children to bond with them. Regularly talking with your children enable you to be closer in their lives and they will regard you as their best friends. When you want your child to do something and he ask why, make sure you provide an explanation so that he knows that what you want him to do is good for him. If your kids know you love and care for them, they will display the same attitude too. When your kids suggest something, you must be ready to listen. If your kids advice is good, you can accept the suggestion and do as he says. This is one way of showing your kids that you are a friend and not someone who always get angry and scold them.  Sometimes, you will have to negotiate with your kids to get them motivated to do things.

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  • Parenting is a very important and difficult process. If you want to be a good parent, you need to listen to your child and not be indifferent to his requests and problems. The main thing that you can give your child is the understanding that in this big world he has a person who will always support and understand him. I know many families in which parents didn’t pay enough attention to their children when they were young, and now, unfortunately, they cannot find a way to maintain good relations with them.
    When my husband and I filed for divorce, we realized that our daughter is experiencing it harder than we are. Therefore, the first thing we turned to the therapist. The therapist is very helpful in such situations. My ex-husband and I also visited him to help our child survive our divorce. I advise parents not to forget about their children, no matter how difficult they may seem.