10 Hacks to Save the Home Decor from the Kids

Decorating the house has never been an easy task, but once there are kids running around, it gets even worse. Investing in fancy details in every corner is not really an option, because all the toys that are lying around pose danger to the delicate ornamentation. That is why we have gathered a list with few hacks to help design your house wisely. Avoid any chance of your children hurting themselves or the decoration, but also aim for your home not to look like a madhouse with soft walls. Here is how!

Design your home wisely


  • Find stylish storage

Everyone who has little children knows the feeling of stepping on a piece of Lego – the pain is comparable to that of giving birth. That is why the first thing you’re going to need is a handy place to store all of those pieces away. Organize your children’s toys in a stylish storage box that they will love to use. This is probably the first prerequisite to make your children get used to keeping things in order –give them a good reason to do so.


  • Organize the toys and save space


Here comes the difficult part. The original toy boxes and packages are easily damaged, so you have to think of something more durable and compact. The best option is to use your children`s own bags and purses, if they have any. For example, hide the Barbie doll in a Barbie purse, or the puzzle pieces in the plastic bag with pony drawings. Are you tired of picking up scattered pencils and crayons from all around? Put them in jars. There are two advantages– firstly, you always know where you can find your kid’s drawing materials, and secondly, it results in a pretty and colorful room decoration.

  • Store the luxury dinnerware in the top cupboards


Beautiful designer dinnerware is a must when it comes to special occasions. Nothing makes a family dinner more exceptional than a beautiful table setting. However, life with children hides some risks. Protect your dinnerware by putting it on the top shelves, where it`s difficult to be reached. Save the glasses and porcelain for the special moments and spare them from any child danger.


  • Don’t overdo on furniture


You’ve probably heard the saying “less is more”. When it comes to a house full of children, that saying applies in full force. Kids need space to play, so don’t put chairs and sofas all around the room. Instead of buying new furniture get rid of some, for example, that armchair in your living room which is always in your way. Invest in a nice soft carpet on which your kids can play on peacefully instead.


  • Rethink your accessories` positioning

Desk lamps, potted flowers and candles can add nice ambiance to a room, but could be dangerous for toddlers. Remove them from all places where your children can easily access them and prevent them from breaking anything or eventually hurting themselves. Place any dangerous items on the upper shelves and make sure all your bookcases and paintings are mounted solidly on the walls, so there is no risk of them falling.


  • Choose materials easy to maintain


Children are infamous for their ability to leave stains on all surfaces, so make sure you can handle it when it happens. The best way to do this is to choose surfaces and materials that are easy to clean (or at least more difficult to get dirty), such as leather and vinyl, which are more resilient. Also, we suggest that you not no use curtains, until your children are old enough to stop using them as a canvas. Instead, you can choose some nice blinds that will do the same job.


  • Combine form and function

All children love playing on the floor, after all, it is probably the only place where they have enough room to let loose. Here is an idea both you and your kid are going to love: ottoman pillows! They are soft, comfortable and perfect to play on. At the same time, they aren’t too heavy and you can easily take them to any room where more coziness is needed. Ottoman pillows are the perfect combination of form and function.

Keep it clean


  • Have a routine

Create your own routine of daily activities. By doing so you will give your children a good example of discipline, but you will also get the opportunity to perform your daily tasks undisturbed. Kids will always know when time for cleaning is and will not expect you to start playing with them. This will also teach them to be more patient.


  • Get your children involved

It is understandable if you don’t want to feel like a servant and your children should get used to helping out around the house. Involve them in the cleaning process next time you pick up the broom. You don’t have to leave all the work to them, but a little help could do miracles – both for your house and their schooling. Besides, they will appreciate the feeling of being useful.


  • Be specific

Give your kids simple tasks and always be specific about what you want them to do. A task such as “Clean up your room” is too general and might sound confusing to them. Be more specific about what you mean by “clean”. For example – “Put away the toys in the container”, “Pick up the crayons from the floor” or “Leave your socks in the laundry basket”.

Be ready for challenges!

Life with children can be challenging, but also fun! After all, what is a game without some challenge? Any game, however, requires some rules, safe conditions, and of course, a nice, ambient playground. We hope that our hacks will help you achieve the perfect balance of fun and safety when playing with the kids!


Anna is the founder and chief designer of AnnaVasily, a boutique platform for exclusive designer tableware based in Australia. Starting her career in France where she learnt the art of silver coating, glass engraving and the secrets of the Venetian mirror making, Anna got more and more passionate about glass. She went to the States and graduated in Boston to later come back to Europe and work for various workshops. In 1992, the nostalgia brought her and her husband back to Greece, where they started their own production. Since 1999, the company has been collaborating with hotels and restaurants as well as some industry starts like Gordon Ramsey, but only in 2017, Anna created the brand AnnaVasily as it is today.

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