Our Half-Term: Boo at London Zoo with AttractionTix

This past week has been half-term for us, and boy, has it flown by! Although Max loves being at school and we all love a bit of a routine, the mornings can be such a rush. So a more relaxed week was something we were all looking forward to.

One of the first thing that we did this week was going to London Zoo, for their Boo at the Zoo attractions. With it being half-term both this past week and this coming week, plus it is coming up to Halloween, so there were plenty of things to see and do that was a little bit spooky. So here is a pretty picture heavy post about our day at the zoo.

If you want to head off to London Zoo yourself, then make sure you use the code BLOGGER10 at the checkout of attractiontix.co.uk.

The code expires on 31st October but it is valid for half-term dates and beyond (just needs to be booked sooner rather than later).






I think that the butterfly house was one of my favourite things to see. They are just fluttering around and come really close to you. It is a great way to see them in their natural environment and get up close to them. They are all really beautiful.




Of course, the lion has to be the favourite with the kids. I kept having to remind myself that we were right in the centre of London and all this is here to see. Pretty cool!


One of the things you can do, as well as some creepy crafts and pumpkin carving, is the extinction trail. The children are given a card with some animals that are extinct, and they go along the trail trying to find all of them and identify them from the descriptions. Chloe was happy to circle each one and draw on the cards, but Max got really into it. He enjoyed learning about all of the animals and writing each one down. His reading and writing is coming along really well and he enjoys it; so this was a winner for us.



It might be the Harry Potter geek in me but I really enjoyed the reptile house. Plus, if anything is going to be creepy or spooky, then it is going to be the reptile house, right? Snakes, bats, and night creatures were all really fun to see.

Then I have to mention the spider section. Gross! But kind of cool all at the same time! There are some contained arachnids, but then you can go into a section where they are all just hanging out in webs. I felt really proud of myself for going through, as they could just fall on your head (I doubt they would, and there are staff around, but the fear in me said that they might lol). Chloe wasn’t so keen on this but as the spiders are big. But Max seemed to think it was pretty cool. And you know, I had to get a selfie with one, right?


You can watch some of the things that you can get up to at London Zoo here:

What did you get up to over half-term or are you going to be on it this week? Would love to hear!

Rebecca x*thanks to AttractionTox for our tickets. All opinions are my own.

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