Handy Tips for Using Pellet Grills

Have you recently purchased a pellet grill? These BBQs have increased in popularity since their introduction in the 1980s. Users can not only grill but also smoke, barbeque, and sear meat to perfection. 

There are multiple steps to follow when using a BBQ of this kind, such as seasoning it before the first use and preheating it before adding the food. The unit should cool off properly after each use and be cleaned with a special brush. 

If you plan to fire up your pellet grill this weekend, you might find these tips helpful.

Season the grill

The first step to take when using a pellet BBQ is to have it seasoned. Seasoning is always suggested before smoking the first chunks of meat to protect the unit from long-term wear and tear. Make sure you apply cooking oil inside the chamber and to the grates. Visit this page for some useful advice on seasoning a new barbeque.

Once you apply the cooking oil, take the grill for a trial run without adding any food. The heat will make the oil stick to the interior of the smoker, thus creating a layer of protection. Following the seasoning, which takes about an hour, you should leave it to cool off for a day before you start grilling. 

Preheat it

After getting your pellet smoker seasoned, the following step involves preheating the unit. Since these grills resemble ovens regarding temperature control, grillers should be incredibly devoted to maintaining a good temperature. You’re supposed to plug the unit into an electric outlet and select the desired temperature. 

While most pellet smokers reach temperatures higher than 500˚F, lower temperatures are used for smoking, barbeque, and grilling. For instance, when planning to smoke meat, you should set the unit to temperatures lower than 225˚F. Barbeque requires a temperature range between 225˚F and 325˚F, as the meat needs indirect heat for a longer time to be tender and moist. Grilling, however, requires high temperatures of more than 350˚F.

The majority of such smokers need approximately ten minutes to preheat. The selection of pellet outdoor grills online is undeniably extensive. Most models are equipped with an in-built temperature gauge, showing the number of degrees on the digital display. Nevertheless, you should also have a meat thermometer for a more accurate temperature reading. 

Add the meat

Once the pellet smoker is preheated, you can move on to the next step of adding the meat. Regardless of the type of meat you choose, it should be put on the grill directly from the refrigerator, instead of leaving it at room temperature for a while. The heat of these BBQs is powerful enough to unfreeze the meat in a matter of minutes. 

When putting the meat on the grates, try placing the chunks in the middle. It’s the most effective way to avoid exposure to direct heat, which dries the food out. Also, grillers should be attentive with the fat content. Lean meat is prone to drying out easily, whereas meat with high-fat content is likely to prevent the smoke from penetrating its flesh. Therefore, make sure the chunks you choose have no more than half an inch of fat. 

Use the right type of wood pellets

Another thing to have in mind is the flavor of the wood pellets you use. Their taste influences the overall quality of the food you’ll be smoking, barbequing, or grilling. For example, hickory and mesquite are suitable for cooking strong meats like brisket. 

Nevertheless, these would be overwhelming for turkey, chicken, and fish. Poultry and fish are best smoked with light wood, such as cherry and apple. When smoking ribs, Applewood pellets are considered the most appropriate because of their fruity smoke. Go here, https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/pellet-grill-smoked-pork-ribs, for a pellet grill smoked pork ribs recipe. 

Keep an eye on the smoke

The color of the smoke coming out of the grill is an indicator of its health. It should be blue, not white or gray. The blue smoke shows the BBQ is functioning properly, whereas white smoke indicates that the pellets aren’t burning the way they should. In most cases, when the smoke from the unit is white, the food turns out to be bitter. 

Shut it down

Once you finish cooking, the last step involves switching the pellet BBQ off manually. Firstly, users need to deactivate the auger and then turn off the unit by holding the right button for a few seconds. After the unit cools off, use a grill brush to remove the dirt and grease inside the smoker. Also, remember to empty the grease tray and clean it to avoid flare-ups. 

To sum up

These smokers aren’t complicated to use or demanding to clean. 

Keep your BBQ in perfect condition by investing little time in maintenance!

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