5 Sets of Headphones That Will Let You Live in The Music

Choosing the best bass headphones is always challenging, especially when you are not sure of the key features to look out for. This is because of the huge variety of headphones available. If you have been perusing for the right pair of headphones, here are some you might want to consider.

Sony MDR-1000x

Sony MDR-1000x is a highly comfortable wireless over-ear that comes with two microphones on each ear cup that analyzes the sound around you to give a whisper quiet interior. Its advanced control system gives you power to control different levels of ambient sound anytime you want to hear announcements in a train station or airport. Also, you can keep outside world events at bay by choosing a voice-only mode, designed to filter through vocal frequencies. Its touch control helps you navigate volume, make calls and even play or pause music easily.



Among the top quality headphones, HA-SZ2000 is deemed as the best of the best. This headphone provides more than you can imagine. Apart from giving you proper sound quality, it also offers you fun-filled experience. This kind of headphone is a bass oriented. Its sleek design can erroneously give you the impression of low-quality sound but deep bass production.

Sennheiser HD201 Over-ear

This stereo headphone is the best choice if you want to join the ideal world of great stereo sound. Sennheiser HD201 over-ear can produce great attenuation of ambient noise as well as offering tremendous comfort at an affordable price. This outstanding headphone gives pleasant relaxation because it is lightweight, rugged and made of high quality leather ear pad which sits comfortably in your ear.

Bowers and Wilkins p5 Over-ear

This headphone is made of sheep leather and aluminum making it strong and long-lasting. The good thing about this combination of materials is that it provides a super soft cushioning effect to your ear.

Even though it’s costly, many people prefer it to other headphones because of its Bluetooth feature which provides luxury. Its p5 wireless boast of superior appearance, posh and sturdy design which combines a mixture of retro and today’s style.

Yamaha PRO 500 over-ear

This headphone is stylishly-designed to take care of the rigorous daily use. It is one of the top rated headphones on the market today. Yamaha PRO 500 over-ear headphones come with an adjustable, reinforced headband with enough padding to give you a pleasant feel. It is also made of perfect materials to offer you a superb sound experience. This headphone has got soft and smooth ear cushion giving it a natural feeling that would make you want to hang on with them. It also comes with an in-line remote and microphone on the four-foot cable which can work with Apple devices.


There are a good many headphones out there to choose from and we believe these five are enough to get you started on your search for a decent set of headphones. Invest in a nice pair of headphones today and you’ll experience music on a whole other level.

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  • My Sony MDR-1000x fullfils all my music needs. Whether i am driving my car or laying on bed at night, Sony MDR-1000x is the right companion of me when it comes to listening music and keeping myself refreshing. A wonderful sound quality it has.
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  • Headphones nowadays plays a major role in spending time with music (bass boosted) during travelling or in our free time, we always love to hear songs with high quality effects. So that, I’m using Yamaha Pro 500 its over ear facility protects me from various noises and helps me to listen music with good effects. Along with the Yamaha Pro 500, this page explains 4 other types of headphones.

    Hope it will help the readers to know more about these headphones. Thank you for sharing!

    Have a good day!

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  • Wonderful reading for me to know about live music. There’s always confusion to choose the best headphone, this article is really best reading for me. Thank you for sharing it.

  • if you’re building a desktop-based application or web app then there are options like soundcards and headphones which let you listen directly inside of your applications (or browsers). If you’re building a mobile app then there are options like earbuds which let you tune into music from earbuds connected directly into phones or tablets (or earbuds connected to PCs via bluetooth). There are also dedicated standalone speakers for playing music when multiple devices are connected that offer decent sound quality for watching videos or listening to games. Finally, there are some pretty good external speakers/headphones for playing music through laptops and desktops when there aren’t any internal speakers available.

  • Over the past few years, Sony’s line of headphones has steadily improved their “value proposition” with each iteration. The MDR-1000X is the latest, and most recent addition to this line. It’s no wonder that everyone loves it so much. The bass literally shakes the room when you turn it up, and even if you aren’t a basshead, you can still feel it in your bones when your favorite song comes on. But at the same time, the MDR-1000X sounds just as good without bass and treble as it does with them. They sound great for a variety of genres and all types of users.
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  • Good review. I got mine few months ago and I’m quite pleased with them. Initially I found the sound to be a bit flat, but after some fiddling with eq I managed to get a very decent output from them. For their price, I think they’re a very good deal.