Health Drinks To Give You a Natural Boost This Winter

If your household has been anything like us, then you will have been experiencing plenty of coughs and colds recently. No matter what we do, if one of us gets something, then we all seem to get something. The colder temperatures  in winter can make you feel a little more run down too, especially with some of the tasty but unhealthy foods that are around at this time of the year. So how can you give yourself  a natural boost?

I am a strong believer in what you put in your body and the effect that it has on your health and overall wellbeing.

So being able to have some natural food and drink at this time of year is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals that we need. Supplements are a great option too; you can read more here. I have been trying out some health drinks over the past few weeks, to see if they are a good option for keeping you well. I am pleased they are made from natural ingredients so I was happy to give them a whirl.

Here they are and how I got on with them:

Flyte – The Clean Energy Drink

When I think of energy drinks I think of blue and silver cans that are pumped full of chemicals and sugar. If I can’t pronounce the ingredients, then it is a big no from me! So I was unsure what to make of the Flyte clean energy drinks; can you really have an energy drink that is natural and good for you?

But the truth is that you can. Flyte drinks are made from 100% natural ingredients and they are low calorie, so no added sugar or sweeteners. The caffeine, to give the energy is a natural source, and the ingredients are non-GMO or artificially processed. And can we talk about the packaging? Really slick, clean, and smart looking; very stylish.

The Ingredients

I was pleased to see maca on the ingredient list. Having PCOS and a hormone imbalance, this is something that is great for that, and not an ingredient that you see in many places. It can also help to improve focus. Griffonia transforms in our bodies to serotonin, which is known for making us happier and lighten your mood. Sounds pretty good so far, right? There is a natural source of caffeine, to help give you an energy boost, as well as schizandra, which is a berry that helps to eliminate tiredness.

The flavours, red berries, green mango, citrus lemon, and orange clementine, are all really tasty and refreshing. I didn’t find them to be super sweet, which other energy drinks I’ve had in the past are. I instantly felt refreshed and energised; I quickly wanted more! The favours were lovely.

You can buy the Fltye drinks at their site (linked above) and they come in at £12 for a pack of 6. When you think that is £2 per drink, it is really comparable to regular energy drinks that are on the market, but these have plenty more goodness in them.

Have you heard of Flyte drinks before? I would recommend them completely. I am not a coffee drinker, but I would defiantly have them in the morning or before a gym workout for a boost.

(the drink on the end has been opened and shaken)

AliveBiome Probiotic Water Drinks

I know what you’re thinking, probiotics and water?! I thought the same. It is normally something I associate closely with dairy drinks or yoghurts. But for someone that avoids dairy as much as I can, this was news to my ears. The AliveBiome drinks are 100% pure water and then in the cap, are probiotics, botanicals, vitamins, and favour, all ready to be released.

Why Do We Need Probiotics?

Probiotics are great for our overall health, in particular our gut health. Probiotics are carbohydrates that can nourish bacteria that are already in the gut. So it can help our gut to do its thing as it should, as well as heal and repair. But these drinks also have other benefits, like apple botanicals in the raspberry drink that can help to give our immune system a boost, as well as Ginkgo Biloba in the citrus drink, which is an ancient ingredient that can help to increase our focus and support our brains.

The drinks are simple to use; as seen in the picture below, one been lid is slightly lower down than the others. This one has been twisted, pushed down, and then then probiotics and all that goodness is released into the water in powder form. You just shake it up, unscrew the cap and then drink. I like that they can be mad for when you’re ready for them, and you can also buy the caps separately. So if you’re out and about or want to use your own water bottle, you can still get the goodness.

The ingredients are all natural and are have no added sugar. They are low sugar in general and low in calories – only 6 or 8 calories a bottle. I like that they are good to last for a long time (the caps at least), and you don’t need to keep them in a fridge, like you do it other probiotic products. So they’re much more practical to have, and mean that I am much more likely to use them.

The drinks are flavoured, but the flavours isn’t particularly strong. But really, you’re not drinking them for the flavour, but all of the goodness in them. I like both of the favours though – I’d just make sure that you shake the bottles for at least the recommended 20 seconds, otherwise they can be a bit ‘bitty’ with the powder not having been mixed well enough.

The bottles with caps are £2.95 each, and the caps are £1.75 each, if you wanted to buy the caps separately. Though this is more than you average bottle of ‘water’ costs, there is much more goodness in them. So if you are interested in gut health, then this would be a simpler way to get your probiotics in, rather than supplements or yoghurt drinks. I have felt the benefit of them so far this winter, for sure.

Have you heard of AliveBiome before? Would love to hear what you think.

Rebecca x*the drinks were gifted. All opinions are my own.

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