Top Tips To Try For a Healthy Body and Mind

Health is often a significant talking point in the media, and there are so many messages out about what is healthy and what you should be avoiding in your diet and lifestyle. All of this information might seem a little overwhelming but making small changes every day can help spark that motivation to get your mind and body fit and healthy for the long-term. You don’t have to go on fad diets or take up extreme fitness regimes to get the most out a healthy lifestyle, but some changes will need to be made if you want to feel the benefits of detoxing your body and mind for continued health.

Check out some of the top tips to transform your lifestyle and mindset.

Keep hydrated 

It may seem like an obvious one but staying hydrated will help with your overall health and in turn your support your body and mind. It is advisable to drink approximately 2 litres a day to keep fluids topped up, but many people rarely drink a few glasses. This dehydration will cause many symptoms that might experience on a daily basis such as fatigue, irritability, low moods and skin breakouts to name a few. Water intake also needs to increase during exercise, as you will be losing more when sweating. It’s not just the warmer months where you need to focus on drinking more too, as sometimes fluid intake during the colder months is more difficult as we turn to hotter beverages such as coffee or hot chocolate. Try to keep these winter warmers to a treat and increase your water intake during the cooler seasons to help you feel fuller for longer.

Wear sun lotion

Sun protection isn’t just for the summer sunshine. Winter sun, especially if you are jetting off for ski season, can certainly damage your skin. Applying a layer of broad-spectrum sun lotion to exposed areas such as your hands and face will help keep you protected from harmful rays throughout the year. However, the sun is good for you too despite its harmful aspects and getting out in natural light boosts vitamin D in the body. This vital vitamin is needed to absorb minerals from our diet into your bones and muscles and is essential for healthy body functions. During the winter months, you might not be able to get enough of this vitamin from the sunlight so eating a diet rich in oily fish, red meat and eggs is an excellent way to get it into the body naturally. You can also take supplements with a balanced diet.

Workout more

You might feel that exercise is a chore, but if you’re not getting enough of it, it’ll start to affect your long-term health. Activity in any form is good for the body and mind so set aside some time each day or week to get the heart racing. Doing so will not only help to burn calories to maintain a healthy weight, but it will also give you a chance to let off steam and feel refreshed. If you’re looking for a gentle approach, just getting out for a walk each day and trying to increase your walking speed each time can improve your endurance and strength. If you’re looking for a faster way to feel the benefits, try a high-intensity workout or training at the gym for a great way to build fitness.

Meal planning

Meal preparation is fast becoming one of the top ways to lose weight and get all the essential nutrients in your diet. Healthy eating is a great way to make your body and mind as healthy as it can be and planning ahead also gives you more time to do the things you love. Poor choices can lead to convenience buys and falling back into the trap of fast food and snacking that will lead to weight gain and feeling sluggish. Food planning also works perfectly for fitness fans, as getting everything ready and reducing time cooking and preparing meals offers you more time to train. Teaming this with supplements and increased muscle building nutrients as discussed by What Protein can also get your body in the optimum condition for sustaining fitness and building muscle.

Listening To Your Body

Often, we simply aren’t tuned in enough to the signs and symptoms that we experience. When our bodies are hurting, we disguise it with painkillers or dismiss it, rather than getting things properly checked out. If this is the case, it’s easy for small health niggles to spiral into bigger issues, so keeping your health and wellbeing in balance is highly important. Keep your general immune system boosted up with Vitamin D, especially in the winter, and probiotic supplements to regulate the health of your gut microbiome, which has a big effect on the whole body. Be aware of the signs of infections and conditions such as UTIs, toxic shock syndrome, skin conditions and other issues and if you do experience anything unusual, don’t be hesitant to seek medical help. It could make all the difference between contracting a mild case of something or developing serious complications that drag on for a while. You understand more than you know about your body, so trust your instincts. 

Step away from your desk

A huge problem with society is the need to be busy all the time, and for most people, this comes from heavy workloads. Staring endlessly at your computer and not leaving your desk for hours each day is not only damaging to your mind, but it is also counterproductive in the long run. No one can focus for hours on end and sometimes your work will appear sloppy or inaccurate if you haven’t had time away to reassess your approach. Sitting for an extended period is also unhealthy for your back, neck, shoulders and eyes as each will begin to feel the strain after typing and staring at a screen for prolonged durations. To try and help you get out of a workday slump, getting out for your lunch break and going for a walk is the best option. This time away from the office will help to give you a breather from your work environment and is especially good if you are stuck on any work problems, as it can make you think more clearly for when you return to your desk. If you can’t get away, simply stretching during the day will help to loosen up tense muscles or stiff joints and having a small walk around your office will help to relieve achy legs.

With today’s stresses and strains in busy lifestyles, it’s important to take a few minutes each day to appreciate the little things and focus on positive aspects of your life. Trying some small changes in your routines can help to get your body and mind back in shape so you can focus on the important and fun things in everyday life. Taking small steps can have tremendous benefits so try some today and look forward to some fabulous results.

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