Healthy Eating Goals and Making Them Stick with Gousto

If you’ve been following me on here and social media, then you will have seen that I have been taking part in ‘Vegan January’ over the past few weeks. I haven’t set it as a goal to become vegan or anything, but wanted to give my body a bit of a healthy alkaline boost and detox after the festive period. Plus, I found it more of a personal challenge too, as it isn’t something that I have ever done before.

And do you know what? I have been feeling good for it. The first week or so were a bit of a struggle, I’m not going to lie. But the past few weeks I have found it much simpler and have been getting organised with planning my meals.

It has certainly helped me to be way more conscious of what I am eating, rather than just mindlessly eating anything.

Last week I went to an event with the Gousto team to learn about their new food box ranges and how these ranges could help you with your healthy eating goals, whatever they are. The new ranges are Boost & Balance, for lean protein based meals with balanced carbs, Plant-based, for unrefined vegan food, and Fine Dine In, for impressive and tasty home-cooked dishes. 

What is the Plant-Based Range Like?

With how I have been eating lately I thought it would make the most sense to try out the plant-based range, which only started being sold a month ago (and if I’m right, is one of the only delivery boxes that do offer a completely natural vegan option). There are four recipes each week to choose from, which I think is amazing. There is no worry about it being the same old recipes every week and you can try some plant-based meals that you normally might not be confident to cook and try.

Take the tofu and peanut satay, for instance. I have normally been reluctant to use tofu, as I cooked it once and it was quite soggy and flavourless. But being able to try some tofu cooked until it is crisp, made it taste completely different. It was quite halloumi-like and tasted great with the satay sauce. So just learning some new ways of cooking ingredients is one of the big benefits of these boxes (not to mention the convince of it all).

How Does It Work?

You can choose one of the 25 meals on offer each week (four of which are plant-based), and then you place an order for free delivery, any day of the week, choosing if you want a box for two or a family box (feeds two adults and up to three children). All of the ingredients you need for the recipe are sent to you with the recipe card, so it really couldn’t be simpler. The recipes are pretty quick to make, and in some cases, just involves some chopping of ingredients. So for me, there is no excuse to just give up on cooking on busy days and get a takeaway.

How Much Does it Cost?

How much do you spend on your weekly shop? For us, it is around £80, depending on if we need things for the home like toiletries or cleaning products. And for four meals, that are large portions so can last to make a lunch for me the next day, costs £47.75 (or £2.98 a serving). Compared to other brands that deliver recipe boxes, I think the price is so good! If I was to order a box weekly, then I know that at least four of our meals are going to be quick and easy and help keep me on track to eat well and reduce the amount of meat that I eat.

There is something for everyone, though. So if plant-based doesn’t appeal, there are options for gluten-free or dairy-free meals, as well as world foods, and boost and balance meals. And the recipes change weekly so there is plenty of variety and you’re in control. Meal times don’t have to be unhealthy, repetitive, or boring!

Try Gousto’s impressive and easy to cook dishes yourself just use the code INF18A – click through this link: and get 50% off of your first two boxes! I don’t think you’ll regret it – such a bargain!

Have you ever tried a Gousto delivery box before? Would love to hear what you think!

*post written in collaboration with Gousto. All words and opinions are my own.


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