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I am all for cooking from scratch. But sometimes, life can get in the way and one day you might be out of the house more than others. If you’ve got fruit, dried fruit, nuts, or veg sticks, already prepared, then them thrown in a storage box can be a quick thing to put in your bag and take with you. But in reality, this doesn’t always happen. If you are the mum with veg crudités always chopped and ready to go in your fridge, then I salute you!

If you’re a little more like me, winging most of the things in your life, then having some go-to snacks can be simple to grab when you’re out, to keep the hunger at by or keep your blood sugar levels steady. A healthier option is better than buying a bag of Haribo, right?

So here are a few of the brands that I have been using lately, when I’m on the go and need a snack of a round 100 calories for the healthy eating plan that I am doing.


These are a pretty new product out not the market, and I fell in love with them straightaway. They are bite size seed cubes that come in two different flavours: Spiced Sesame & Almond and Sea Salt & Black Pepper (both really different but both equally as tasty, just depending if you want something pretty savoury or something with a hint of sweetness).

Squbes® are made with without wheat and are naturally high in fibre. They are a good source of protein, magnesium and good fats too. They are also made without refined sugar (a squidge of honey), so winning all round. I have just enjoyed munching on them when doing some work, but they could work as a better alternative to croutons on a salad.

They are available to buy from Whole Foods Market and Amazon, and they come in resealable 100g packs (priced at £2.50) and 30g grab bags (priced at 90p).

image from Livia’s Kitchen


I am a big fan of Livia’s Kitchen, since finding the account on Instagram. I have her cookbook, been on her baking course, and have enjoyed all of the products that she has released. The products are all vegan-friendly and free from refined sugars, which is a winner for a sweet snack. The latest product from the LK kitchen are the Nuggets, that come in three different flavours, raw cookie dough, salted almond butter, and raw chocolate brownie.

They are little balls of deliciousness covered in raw chocolate. There are five or six in a 35g pack, and thy are only around 120 calories, which for me, is a good thing, especially as they’re free from dairy and sugar (only sweetened with dates). I have bough them from Boots, but they’re available on the Livia’s Kitchen site, as well as stores like Planet Organic and Whole Foods.

image from Spare Fruit

Spare Fruit Crisps

Some times I really miss eating a bag of crisps. So having an alternative that is better for me, but still gives that crunch. Which is where Spare Fruit Air-Dried Crisps come in. They are air-dried with 100% fruit, made locally with Kentish Conference Pears or apples. They are good for on-the-go snacking as well as for kids in lunch boxes. They do have a natural sweetness about them so can actually can make a healthier treat alternative (and are only 67 calories a pack). Bonus that you’re getting one of your five a day, and extra fibre too.

You can buy them online from the store, as well as Ocado. Walk-in stores include Planet Organic stores, as well as Selfridges.

Have you got any favourite go-to snacks for when you’re out an about? It would be great to hear what you think.

*contains samples. However, all opnions are my own.

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