Small Ways Your Family Can Help The Environment

As parents, we hope our kids will grow up in a healthy world. After all, we want them to have a future which is not full of pollutants and toxins. But while we can wish the world will be a better place for our children, there are some things we can do to be more environmentally conscious. In fact, there are some small ways your family can help the environment and build a better and healthier future for your kids!


Consider growing your own vegetables

When you are constantly buying vegetables from the supermarket, you are not getting the healthiest option for the family. After all, they can be full of toxins which have been used to ensure they last longer in the supermarket. Therefore, to ensure your family goes for the most eco-friendly and healthiest option, you should consider growing your own fruit and veg. For one thing, this will ensure they are delicious and healthy once fully grown and ready to be eaten. And you are helping to use less energy when you grow your own rather than getting them from the supermarket, so your family is helping the environment too! And of course, growing fruit and veg is fun for all the family too!

Make sure you recycle all old tech and toys

For a lot of families, they tend to put their old toys and devices in the garbage bin when they are finished with them. After all, if they aren’t in a great condition, they don’t really know what else to do with them. But if you do put them out for rubbish, you are contributing to the world’s waste. In fact, e-waste is a huge problem, see this infographic from My Trendy Phone to find out more about how we are contributing to the high amount of waste and toxins. After all, things like phones and old computers could actually be recycled, and the parts used to make new products. Or someone might be able to fix them and use them in the future. Therefore, next time you go to throw something away, think about selling the item or donating the item to charity instead so it doesn’t go to waste!


Go for reusable nappies

When we have little ones, it can be crazy how many nappies we get through. In fact, a high proportion of the stuff in the bin can end up being nappies! But when we are always using them, we are contributing to the world’s waste. After all, it’s not like they can be recycled and used again! But there is one way you can help the environment while still using nappies. You could consider getting reusable nappies which you can use over and over again. That way, you will save a ton of waste if you just use the one nappy! You can look online to find a range of reusable nappies you can use for your kid.

And remember to walk as much as you can in your local area. After all, you will save a ton of money on petrol. And you can be sure to know you aren’t polluting the area too if you skip driving all the time.

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  • home grown vegetables have so much more taste than the ones that are purchased, our Daughter grows quite a lot and they are always tastier.