6 Top Hen Do Destinations In Eastern Europe You Must Visit

Finally, the day to plan the most fun part of your bestie’s wedding has come. So, y’all wanna go abroad or stay local for the hen do?

Planning a hen weekend is a tricky, yet exciting task. Keeping the bride and all the bridesmaids happy along with ensuring an experience of breathtaking activities takes time. So, finalise a comfortable budget before planning the trip because not everyone can afford to splurge celebrity style. The goal is to cover as many destinations and thrilling activities as you can.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on with the planning process immediately!

Read further to know which ones are the best hen do destinations from henweekends.co.uk in Eastern Europe to have an unforgettable experience:


The 14th largest city of the European Union has more to offer than you can imagine: from the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle to a dose of Czech wines and a ghost tour of Czech Becherovka, the famous bar of the Executioner.

It is the perfect destination for history buffs, so make sure you don’t bore the babes on their fun getaway.


Considered the second best city in the world, Budapest is popular for the Museum of Fine Arts, Hungarian State Opera House, Gresham Palace, thermal spas and pavement cafes. The place is the best combination of history and hip because it offers both, scenic and fun-filled experiences.

If the bride is an art lover with a wild, partying side, then convince the gals for Budapest immediately.


The largest city of Poland, Warsaw, is considered Europe’s most dynamic metropolitan cities because it is both, business-friendly and lifestyle-friendly. It has one foot in the past and one in the future, i.e. historical attractions like Wilanów Palace, John’s Cathedral and Main Market Square, and fun activities like bowling, quad biking and spa parlours.

It is perfect for a relaxing, fun-filled hen weekend!


Riga is the largest city of Latvia. The Jugendstil architecture and 19th century wooden architecture is worth the visit. Apart from the cultural attractions, Riga wine tasting is popular because it has the perfect grape-growing climate; producing mind-boggling wines. The Old Riga is full of bars, perfect for a party-weekender. You can also go for an indoor karting activity and race your babes.


Sofia is the largest city of Bulgaria with a display of 4th-century architecture. The walls of Serdica Fortress, Central Sofia Market Hall and Saint Sofia Church are some of the few examples. You can hire a party bus with your gals and have a private party all night with an onboard DJ and enough beer bottles. Y’all can also go for paintballing in the middle of the Bulgarian countryside to know who has the best aim.

The people speak fluent English, so you don’t have to worry about any communication barriers!


The Croatian city is on the Adriatic Sea. It is considered the hottest destination for any single lady because this terracotta coastal town offers a unique experience, island hopping. Yes, you heard it right! The popular boat trips around Dalmatian Islands is an experience worth the visit. You can visit lush pine forests, saltwater lakes and ancient shipwrecks, and have an experience of a lifetime.

The islands offer amazing wine tasting experiences, scenic beauty and partying options in the open; something rarely possible in the city.

What does the bride-to-be want?

The special hen should be the one to finalise on the destinations because all hen do ideas need to be precisely planned to ensure a flawless, unforgettable single life sendoff.

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