Henri Le Worm & The Hampton Court Flower Show

henrilewormMax, Chloe and I had a very exciting day this week as we were invited along to the Hampton Court Flower Show to learn all about Henri Le Worm. Henri is the character of an app and website that aims to remind children where food comes from and the important role that nature plays in it’s production. They were at the Hampton Court Flower Show showcasing a community garden, with the hopes of getting more and more of these and remind us all of what we can grow in our own gardens.

The app was created by Charlotte Salt and Olivier Blanc, Raymond Blanc’s son, so we were able to meet them all and see a cooking demonstration by Raymond on the day, using ingredients from the garden. We have lots of strawberries growing in our garden at home, so Max especially liked seeing these growing in the community garden and then we saw how they can be used, including a gazpacho.

It was also really interesting to see that you don’t really need that much space to grow a large variety of things. Strawberries, tomatoes, blueberries, peas…


It was a lovely warm sunny day and it was lots of fun learning all about Henri Le Worm and what we can do to help our children be more conscious of the food they eat and how it is grown. The Henri Le Worm app is basically a cookbook with a variety of recipes but it takes your children on a journey in the garden, meeting different characters along the way. It is free to download so I’d recommend getting it for your little ones for over the summer, really fun and interactive. There are no crazy ingredients, just wholesome, ‘normal’ ingredients that you could in fact grow yourself. Perfect for getting kids involved in cooking and making them more aware of what they are eating.

Raymond was even asked why a worm was chosen as the ‘main character’ and he thought it was a good idea for children as they probably play at eat worms when they are in the garden – gross! haha.



Do you grow any veggies in your garden?

Rebecca x

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*Our day out was free for us to try out but all opinions are my own.

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