Here’s The Real Reason Your Garden Isn’t Growing On You

Outside space is one of those things that most of us would list in our home buying requirements as an absolute must-have. Unfortunately, it’s astounding how many of us fail to get much use from our gardens when we do have them. In fact, when you actually think about it, it’s not altogether unusual to realise that you’ve hardly spent more than ten minutes outside for the sake of leisure (rather than gardening) for a fair few months. Often, this reluctance or inability to connect with outside spaces comes down to some common issues that are surprisingly simple to solve, as we’re going to consider here. 

Image by Gustavo Fring: CC0 Licence

Are you feeling overlooked?

In newer builds, especially, it’s not unusual to have neighbours on all four sides, making it hardly surprising that you don’t much fancy spending time outside. Unfortunately, you can’t altogether negate this issue, but the installation of high hedges against your fencing, and even options like terraces or tall grasses within your garden itself can all provide at least an impression of increased privacy. Even if they only buy you a small corner of space that’s out of sight, these efforts can certainly provide the peace of mind that could finally see you heading outside that bit more often.

Is there anywhere to sit?

Aside from the kid’s swing set or an uncomfortable perch on the edge of your patio, it’s not unusual to avoid spending time outside if you have nowhere to sit when you do so. By investing in a few outdoor chairs and perhaps a table, or even going all out with the creation of a seating area that includes decorative flourishes like oak pergolas and fairy lights, you can therefore drastically increase your incentive to get outside. Make these areas as comfortable as possible, and you might even find that you soon prefer to head here than the living room that’s taken your relaxation top spot until now.

Does all that work overwhelm you?

Gardens require a lot of upkeep and, while you likely keep on top of the minimum (e.g. cutting grass, de-weeding, etc.) you may find that spending too much time outside means spotting a load of other jobs that you don’t have time for. With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that you prefer to keep that back door shut. Luckily, stripping things back can largely help you to offset these worries, especially if you replace more high-maintenance garden additions with lawn, patio, or even wildflowers that largely take care of themselves. As well as ensuring a more well-finished and appealing outdoor space, this simple switch means that you can finally lie back and enjoy this area that once played such an important role in your dreams of homeownership.

Garden neglect isn’t half as unusual as you might imagine, but it is something that needs addressing if you’re going to make the most of your home in its entirety. So, take steps towards an outdoor space that finally grows on you by implementing these pointers at long last!

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