On our Holiday with Huggies® Little Swimmers®

When we were in Spain recently, we made plenty use of being in the water. The villa we were staying in had a pool, and we were only a short walk from the beach. Apparently I have two very active little water babies, that just loved any excuse to splash. Thank goodness for our Huggies® Little Swimmers®! They came in most useful for us on our holiday.

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On Our Holiday

I didn’t want to take the risk of getting swim nappies abroad, and I was right to do so. As soon as we arrived, they wanted to get straight into the pool! Luckily we took plenty with us and I have some in my changing bag anyway.

I was a little more reluctant to go to the beach with my kids. Swimming pool; great. It is all the mess that comes with getting wet and then getting sandy that can stress me a little. I am getting much better at being spontaneous at going to the beach and just chilling out about it, though. And hey, we’re on holiday! The kids loved our trips to the beach and would spend hours and hours there, if we had let them! They were both a little nervous about going in the sea at first but then we spotted some fish in the sea and they were away.


I found that the Huggies® Little Swimmers® were most useful when out at the beach. Chloe enjoyed wearing them and would go to the suitcase to get them out. The bright Disney©  Pixar Finding Dory design is brilliant for little ones her age.

I made a little video about getting ready for the beach and the types of thing that I took with me. You can watch the video here:

Have you got a summer holiday planned this year?


*post in collaboration with HUGGIES.

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