Holiday’s are coming…

… you know it’s nearly Christmas when:

  • You see the Coca-Cola truck advert on TV! Saw it for the first time this year a few days ago
  • The red and green of the Remembrance Day Poppies remind you of Christmas colours
  • You have both had horrific head colds and gone through plenty of Lemsip
  • You start wondering who out of friends and family gets a present this year… ha ha times are hard!
  • You decide how many gifts you can ‘make’- it’s the thought that counts right?!
  • pay-day doesn’t seem to come soon enough
  • You leave for work at 8….. and it’s dark… and you leave to come home at 4… and it’s dark…
  • the thought of John and Edward winning x-factor and being Christmas number one sends shivers down your spine
  • you see the temperature gauge in the car flash for ice, for the first time in months
  • there are lots of tacky decorations around (yes mum, like the gold singing Santa)!
  • You see Brussels sprouts and chestnuts at the supermarket in abundance
  • you remember your aversion to Christmas pudding and swiftly avoid that isle at the shops

but most importantly, you are more focused on the Saviour and the real reason for the season!

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