Your Guide To Giving Your Home an Oh So Chic Edge

It’s no secret that the shabby chic decor is an extremely popular interior design trend. A classic combination of distressed details, pretty pastels and dainty designs, what’s not to like? So, if you’re keen to turn your abode into an irresistible vintage haven, you’re in luck. In this post, you’ll find useful tips and tricks that should help you give your home an oh so chic edge.

design-1991001_1280French style furniture

When it comes to perfecting the shabby chic look at home, beautiful, French-style furnishings are an absolute must. With intricate, carved detailing, curved, round edges and dreamy, distressed finishes, this style of furniture is the best fit if you want to give your abode the ‘oh la la’ effect. For example, in your boudoir, you could replace your bed, dressing table, wardrobe and whatever else with French style bedroom furniture, helping turn your sleep space into a gorgeous, shabby chic dream.

Pastel colour palette

Sticking to a pretty pastel colour palette is vital if you want to nail the vintage vibe. Soft neutrals like creamy vanilla and pure white are a good place to start, acting as a base colour for a whole room. On top of this, you could introduce a pop of pastel. From dusky pink, to mint green, to duck egg blue, there are a plethora of gorgeously fresh, light hues to choose from, and how you incorporate these shades throughout your home is up to you

Pretty patterns

Pretty patterns are an essential feature of any shabby chic space. From soft florals, to cute checks, to delicate polka dots, there are a variety of dreamy designs you could feature throughout the rooms of your home, whether it’s a set of patterned curtains in your bedroom or a collection of aptly designed scatter cushions on your sofa.

Keen to really get to grips with the shabby chic trend? Don’t be afraid to mix and match your patterns for a unique, kitschy vibe.

Vintage-inspired accessories

To complete your shabby chic decor look, you mustn’t forget to accessorise. The good news is, there is an abundance of knick knacks that are guaranteed to give your spaces a truly vintage finish. For example, in your kitchen, you could go for retro-inspired appliances, such as an old-fashioned kettle, or you could display a set of cute Mason style jars on your work surfaces.

There’s no denying that this decor trend is totally charming, and by following these tips, you shouldn’t struggle to achieve this darling look in your own home.

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