Brightening Up the Home with New Canvas Prints

With spring around the corner, there are a few small projects that I have been planning to completely finish off the house. There have been a couple of things that we have just not done. But as they’re not finished, the just make the home as a whole feel a little unfinished.

One of those things is getting pictures and prints up on the walls. We put up a few pictures when we first moved in and it had all be redecorated. But for a while, we haven’t had anything new to grace our walls. Our downstairs bathroom was one of the room that needs to be finished for sure. It has pretty much been left, as come on, its only a downstairs bathroom. But it does need a few accessories and a pop of colour. Posterlounge have a fantastic range of designs, that can be printed as a poster, as well as a canvas print. I love a good canvas print in my life, so I was keen to get my favourite designs printed onto canvas.

The bathroom downstairs is pretty small, with just a sink and a toilet. It has been painted in a neutral cream colour, and has large dark tiles on the floor. I am a fan of all things Scandi at the moment. So chose a bright and colourful print in the Scandi style. I just liked that it was a little different but still worked with the colours of the bathroom, as well as giving a pop of colour.



One of the other rooms that we needed to update was my daughter’s room. Chloe’s room has been a little bit of a mess unfortunately. It has been a little bit of a dumping ground and looks rather mismatched. In the coming months I’d like to redecorate her room to be white and grey. At the moment, all of her furniture is white and her bedding is white and grey. The walls are green, though. So I chose some prints for her room that will look good for now, but look even better when the room is redecorated.

Again, I went with Scandi style. It will look so much better when the room is redecorated and it will match the bedding. What do you think to the prints?


We only have one main picture in our bedroom, which is a bit of a collage of pictures. They do need a bit of an update to be fair (though I don’t think my husband is going to let me swap out the picture of him and Jenson Button when they met a couple of years ago)!



We love to travel so I really like the print that I chose for our room, as it sums us up a little bit. A lot of photographs we have around the house are from our travels and holidays, so it just suits. The original print was in black and white but when ordering I was able to edit the print to be in the sepia filter. Suited our bedroom much more because we have everything cream and chocolate brown.

Have you got any mini-projects that you want to do in the coming months? I’d certainly recommend checking out some of Posterlounge’s prints as they have such a huge range. The ordering process was really easy too!

Rebecca x

*the prints were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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