Planning Any Home Improvements in the New Year?

If you are thinking of make some changes to your home in the new year then you are not alone. It seems like the perfect time to make some changes. A fresh start with a fresh year and it’s nice to get everything in order before the spring time. It is also a good time to get things done inside while the weather is a bit cooler still.

Home improvements could be anything from upgrading a few things you already have, or could involve knocking down walls or extending the home. Whatever you have in mind, there are a few steps to follow in the planning process. Then things can (hopefully) run more smoothly.



Decide on Wants and Essentials

It is a good idea to go through your home and decide on what needs to be fixed. It can all be very well getting a lot conversion. But if the rest of the house is falling apart around it, it wouldn’t be the best choice. So make a list of a a few essential improvements or repairs and then the wish list of what you’d like done. Then you can prioritise and work through the list.

Thinking of Selling?

If you are planning to sell up soon, then you might have a larger budget than others that have only just moved in. It is also important to focus on the areas that will help your home to sell better. After all, if you do decide to sell you’ll want as big a return on your investment as you can, right?

Set Your Budget

Knowing how much you have to make the changes can decide what you need to do and when. It might be case of planning in the new year but actually doing the projects in the summer, after you’ve set some money aside. If you already have something to use, then just be specific with your budget. Then it will help you to stick to it when you are doing the renovations.

Call in Professionals

As well as getting things like planning permission, if needed, it is a good idea to get some professionals in to help. If your project needs electricity, structural changes or plumbing, you need to know the rules and laws on these things. A reliable electrician could let you know the height that plug sockets needs to be in the kitchen, for example. So if in doubt, call in an expert.

Set a Timescale

If you are a bit wishy washy about a project then it might not happen. You need to be strict about and idea and plan in what will be done and when. It is even worth planning in when parts need to be ordered or when you’ll get the paint in, for example. It will mean that things will get done when it is all marked in the calendar – it works for me anyway!

Have you got plans to renovate this new year?


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