Home Improvements that add the Most Value to your Home

This article will provide you with some clear guidelines as to what you need to be looking at in terms of home renovations if you want to increase the value of your home. Providing you with some ideas to improve your living space and also increase the equity that you have in the home for a possible future sale.


Everyone knows that the roof of your home is probably one of the most important design, safety and weatherproofing features. As such it is also one of the first things that a prospective buyer or estate agent will look at in terms of both the curb appeal as well as the home’s overall aesthetics and design. Within the housing market, first impressions really do matter and a bad looking roof will definitely be noticed, so too will any signs of the water damage on the inside of the home. The roof is a working component of your home and its main job is not to look good, but to provide you and your loved ones/family with a protective weatherproof cover for the home.

In terms of the money spent and value added, a new roof will provide a return on your investment much more quickly than a new kitchen or new bathroom. Not only the exterior roof can make a difference, but the interior roof can too. A site like Live in Lofts shows you just how versatile a loft conversion can be for your roof space (not to mention the value it can add). Buyers will take safety and security over style and your specific taste. Whether you re-roof or overlay, do the roof before you think of a new kitchen or bathroom.


The floors of a home have always been chosen based on how you live, the requirement for a heated floor or the presence of young children, for example. Having a simple, easily cleaned and modern floor is a big seller.

Being able to easily find the right flooring is essential given that it will be quite a large purchase and delivery. The rise of international firms and globalization means that you will now be able to find premier Italian floor tiles in Leeds, and in fact throughout the UK, delivered to your door. This allows for some of the best design and materials being accessible from wherever you are. From West Yorkshire to the Isles of Scilly, the most bespoke and glamourous flooring can be found and accessed online.

Exterior Paint and Insulation

Painting the home has been proven to increase the value by at least 2%. As long as the colours are neutral and fit in with surrounding homes an exterior paint job will go a long way to raising the value of your home. If you want to start building some equity, then it’s almost as simple as painting the outside of your home. However, you must use the right paint. The current trend is to use energy efficient paints and professional coatings that will guarantee your walls are as insulating as they can be.


Remember it’s not all about the value, it’s also about how you want to enjoy and use the home while you live in it and as such should choose the areas to improve based on high usage and current wear.

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  • These are very good tips! I think anyone who plans to put a house up for sale will need them. By the way, did you know that people pay the most attention to the kitchen and bathroom when buying a house?