Home Preparation Checklist For The Coming Winter

Buying your own home is a considerable investment, probably the biggest many will make in their lifetime. Since home is such a big investment, you’ll need to take good care of it especially during the winter to avoid encountering any problems later on.

If homes are not taken care of properly during the winter, certain systems and things in them can go wrong. However, to avoid this from happening, spring is probably the best season to start thinking about preparing your house for the upcoming winter. Here are just a few things that you can take care of to ensure that your home keeps up with the chilling cold weather.

1. Get Your HVAC System Inspected

HVAC system is one of the main things that you must get checked before winter. At the end of the summer season when the temperature is still moderate, make sure to check the central heating boilers of your house thoroughly to detect any errors.

While you are okay to fix some minor issues by yourself of gas central heating, any bigger problems must be inspected and fixed by a proper HVAC expert. Doing this, you’ll make sure that the system is free of any errors and will run well during the whole winter.

2. Protect the Wood Outside

Any wood outside your home in the winter must be properly painted and sealed to make it water resistant, because otherwise the wood can easily rot in the winter, causing you to spend a fortune on all the required repairs later on.

So, just before the winter arrives, check all the doors, rims and other woodwork and make sure it is covered with paint. If you see the paint chipping off, then it’s time to clean and seal the wood with an appropriate paint. Remember that if the wood starts rotting, you’ll need to hire a good and expensive expert to do the repairs or replace the whole thing. So, never forget to take all the necessary steps before you touch the winter.

3. See If the Drainage Is Working Properly

Drainage is a vital part of your house, because this is the system which takes all the used/ rain water away from your house. That is why before the winter starts, make sure the drainage is working properly and water is flowing without any hurdles.

Another thing that you should look for is any deep spots in the soil near the foundation (outside walls) of your house. Walk around, see if there is a deep spot and fill it with soil to flatten it out. This way, there will be no room for the water to settle near the foundations of your house or seep through them.

4. Get the Chimney Cleaned Up

While you can also do this job by yourself, hiring a proper chimney cleaning company to do this is your best bet. That is because they’ll identify any errors in your chimney and would easily solve them to make your winter easier to spend with a cozy indoors. Don’t forget to order the wood though!

So, the most important thing is to get your HVAC system checked and if it not working, get it repaired or replaced. You can check out combi boiler prices if you are considering a new one.

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