Getting Your Home and Kitchen Ready For Christmas

As the days are getting shorter and the air crisper, the cold weather draws us into the warmth of our home. We naturally begin to start thinking about the mundane, such as getting out the thick coats and wellie boots, and turning the heating back on; however there is of course much to look forward too. There’s no better time than now to contemplate redecorating and preparing our homes before the festive season arrives and all we want to do is relax within the walls of our perfectly designed interiors.

Christmas is about the smells radiating from the oven; it’s about Christmas carols playing throughout the house as mince pies bake away. It’s about stockings by the fire and scented candles dotted along your kitchen table. It’s about wreaths, table centerpieces made from holly and ivy, and of course mistletoe hanging above the door.



Think about it; where do you spend the majority of your time at Christmas? Chances are it’s in the heart of the home – the kitchen. Gone are the days of having separate living, cooking and dining spaces. After all, why have a room with one measly function, when it can have three? These days, everyone likes to get involved in the cooking, and things can get competitive; opinions on who’s roast potatoes are the bee’s knees becoming some kind of a family tradition. So the kitchen has become much more of a communal space where everyone wants to spend time. One of the main reasons that the kitchen has become an ever increasingly important part of the home is that our love of good food has grown; instead of eating to fill a gap, we eat for fun and we feed when we host. We gather around the kitchen island picking at appetisers and sipping a hot drink. We spend so much time eating, drinking and socialising in the winter months that our kitchens are incredibly utilised. The kitchen should be a place of comfort, retreat and the room we’re most proud of, so make sure yours is in tip top condition this year.

If you are in need of an entire kitchen renovation, then in the coming months it could be time to get it done. Whether it’s new oak worktops or a classy new sink, a few changes around the kitchen will make you feel blissfully happy as you battle with your Turkey. You may not need to gut the entire room but even adding a few new features will give you a sense of freshness and help you achieve the homely look you’ve always wanted. HC Supplies specialise in solid wood work tops but also offer kitchen sinks, taps and bar stools, perfect for entertaining.


Solid wood worktops are as popular as ever in households up and down the UK. Check out the variety of wood species with their different characteristics, grains and patterns; these are the things that make their range of solid wood worktops a great choice for modern, contemporary, industrial and traditional kitchen designs alike.

Have you got any plans to update your home in the coming months? Would love to hear about it!

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