Home Repairs & Problems – When Do You Call an Expert?

Avid readers of my blog will know that we have a fair bit of experience in DIY after completely renovating every room in our home. I can’t say I enjoy the renovation side of things necessarily but I do enjoy making changes and improvements to our home. But to be honest, this usually involves stylistic changes. It’s very rare that I try my hand at more serious home fixes. With that in mind, here are some of the biggest issues that you could have in your home. They’re also the ones I don’t recommend that you try dealing with yourself (I certainly wouldn’t let myself) – that could potentially lead to a disaster.

Home Repairs

Electric Issues

I think we all know how to replace a broken bulb. You simply switch the power off and unscrew it after it’s cooled down. Replace it with another being careful to hold the part where the structure is strongest. The job is sorted. Or, if you need to turn the power back on after you’ve blown a fuse. All you need to do is flick the switch that has been pushed down in the fuse box. You’ll usually find the fuse box in the garage or utility room. Both these issues are easy to fix. However, rerouting an electric line or dealing with an electric issue that isn’t related to a blown fuse is a lot more complex. It’s also potentially dangerous. That’s why I recommend you call in an electrician instead. They’ll deal with the issue safely so that you won’t have to worry. – I’m so glad that my dad knows all about this kind of thing and can help.

Bugs And Bites

I don’t even like dealing with spiders in the home so you can imagine how I feel about an infestation of beasties. You will usually feel a pest problem before you see it. You’ll start to get bites on your body. If it’s a flea it will look like three or four large lumps. Fleas jump you see from one mark to the next. There are also bugs that don’t bite, but you still don’t want to find in your home. Cockroaches are definitely my worst nightmare (luckily in the UK they aren’t something I see a hug amount of). Then there are the bed bugs – you’ll find those if you overturn your mattress. But be warned if you do have an infestation it won’t be a pretty sight.

So what do all these pests have in common? They are frightfully hard to get rid of. You can try and use bug spray but if you have an infestation I have to be honest, it probably isn’t going to do much. Instead, I recommend that you call in an expert. You can click here to find more about this problem and the solution.

Nesting Birds

Have you ever found a bird nesting in your attic? You should have wondered how they got there in the first place. It’s usually because there is a hole or a weak point in your roof. You need to fix it as soon as you can with the help of a skilled roofer. But before the hole is fixed you’ll have to get rid of any birds. This isn’t usually as simple as shooing them out. You will need the expertise of animal control.

I hope this advice helps when dealing with issues you don’t want to sort out yourself.

Rebecca x

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  • Yes it is always right to do the simpler tasks yourself but in case of complex tasks in electrical system, plumbing and specially my area of expertise, roofing, there is not only danger of serious accident but you may end up damaging the roof which may burn a huge hole in your pocket.
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