Home Spa: Ways to Elevate Your Bath Time Experience

If you’re acquainted with stress on a daily, or almost daily, basis then you’re no stranger to the side-effects it can leave off on your health and well-being. Relaxation and spa trends have become trends for a good reason; As modern-day people, we need to find the time to unwind lest we suffer the consequences of all the stress piling up.

This mission became somewhat challenging in the year 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic which made it difficult to pay local spas a visit. Then again, it also opened up the possibility to make the most of relaxation in our own abodes. With a little investment and creativity, you too can give your bathroom the wanted and needed spa-like upgrade.

Wondering how?

First You Need the Right Bathtub

Love them or hate them, the truth is bathtubs are key ingredients when it comes to pulling off the look and feel of a sanctuary in your home. And you don’t have to be so much into hygiene as Brazilians to be able to benefit from the addition of such a fitting in your bathroom.

Moreover, depending on your taste, preferences in terms of features like material, design, colour, and how much water you’re willing to waste per bath, there are various options of fancy baths online bathware stores provide that you can choose from for your own private spa.

Consider the Styles

When you’re on the quest for the ideal bathtub that would give you the degree of comfort and luxury you require, it’s necessary to think of the space and how much of it you can work with. This means choosing the bathtub style that will best fit your needs and the available room. 


You would benefit from a clawfoot bath with support for the neck and head as it’s the perfect blend of vintage and modern that’s of great value and durability. But you have to have in mind it’s somewhat heavy and you won’t be able to move it around that easily. This isn’t the case with the acrylic modern freestanding baths which offer a great deal more flexibility with the placement. If you have a spacious bathroom, these two make ideal relaxation components!


Have a smaller bathroom where you count every inch of space? Don’t worry, you can still welcome a tub thanks to options in the example of corner and alcove that can be fitted between walls and allow you to make utmost use of the room while also provide you with plenty of storage space. This is ideal if you need a place for the bath time toys of your child. 

Not to mention, they offer the opportunity to incorporate a tub and shower combo if you can’t imagine having a relaxing bath without getting a nice scrub first with a quick shower. Finish up with a nice shower screen of your choice – avoid curtains as they don’t offer a dose of luxury the glass alternatives do.


There’s also one last option of baths online and brick-and-mortar stores have that’s called drop-in, and it’s just what you think it to be – you install the tub dropping it in the floor or a structure, like a deck, or frame. Besides the fact they’re low maintenance, since the exterior is covered and there’s less of bathtub for you to clean, you’re also going to love their affordability.

Then You Need to Create the Perfect Ambiance

To be able to rejuvenate, reset and clear your mind of the daily woes that trouble you, you must also pay attention to the ambiance. Think about it, this is the very aspect you focus on when you enter the local spa that consists of all the bits and pieces that ooze relaxation.

What makes you feel most at ease? Is it the lovely scents of essential oils used for aromatherapy that are synonymous with tranquillity, the warm light from candles, or the instrumental background music with natural sounds? The answer to this would give you a hint on what you should invite in your special stress-free bath zone.

One idea that would enable you to make your lovely bath tub all the more useful and to your liking is that of adding a caddy. This, in a combination with a niche, increases the bathroom’s storage capacity significantly. As there are various types, you can choose your caddy based on how wide and long you want it to be by measuring up your bathtub and taking your bath essentials into account.

Such an element is crucial when you want to have your books around if you’re a bookworm and you use every chance you’ve got to immerse in the written word, or foods and drinks to stay nourished and hydrated especially if you like to spend more time in hot water. While the recipe for relaxation in modern times means “no electronics allowed”, you’re excused if catching up with your favourite series is part of your unwinding ritual.

Time to Choose Your Kind of Soak

Filling up your beloved bathtub with hot water where you can soak up and de-stress is great for your health on its own. Still, if you want to make your bath time all the more special and customized, you should choose your soak well.

For instance, actress Gwyneth Paltrow makes sure she gets a good soak in Epsom salt every day. Yes, Epsom salts won’t only benefit your dog, you’d greatly benefit from them too, body and mind. If you’re more the kind of person who enjoys bubble relaxation, then pick out your soap or bath bomb as your main treats.

Essential oils are another great idea, especially if you want to use them more to your advantage than merely by diffusing them. A word of advice here, while you’re focused on treating your body with some much-needed TLC, is not to forget about treating the face either. Face masks are beauty trends packed with benefits that would elevate your me-time.

It’s easy to find yourself spending hours in the bathtub with such soaks, however, it’s necessary to mark your time and get out if you want to avoid any skin damages. Remember, the hotter the water, the less time you should spend in it. While the average is 15 to 30 minutes, you might pull off up to 45 minutes if you don’t exaggerate with the water temperature.

Ensure Comfort Outside the Tub

The comfort and relaxation don’t have to end with you stepping out of the baths online homeware sellers offer – you can take them outside too with the help of soft elements like towels and rugs.  

Though you’re spoiled for choice with these two in terms of fabrics, it’s good to stick to organic materials such as bamboo and Egyptian cotton if you truly want to know what softness is like. When removing the excess water, don’t rub too hard against your skin, and add a moisturizer afterwards.

Lastly, as your final step in comfort, you should consider investing in underfloor heating. Your feet will thank you for it, and you’ll also thank yourself over time as it’s bound to help you cut down on the heating costs in the bathroom.

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