Home Time Routine With The Hengelings

Back to school is in full swing and we’re either mourning the loss of quality family time together or rejoicing at handing the kids back to their teachers for a little while each day! However we feel, we can all relate to coping with the home time grumps that children seem to get themselves in. Especially when school has only just started up again, the sudden longer days of learning and play can leave them exhausted and irritable by the time you pick them up! Whether your kiddies are at preschool or first school, why not take a look at my tips to keep them calm and entertained when they get back through the door…

Get comfy quick!

This was a routine of mine when I was young and it’s followed through in my own home. As soon as your children get home, get them out of their uniform or preschool clothes and into something softer and more comfortable. Think lounging bottoms and a cosy hoody. Not only will they relax back into home life, but it also avoids any cooking smells or food stains getting on their uniform keeping it cleaner for longer.

Rustle up a tasty treat!

Snacking between meals sometimes gets a bad reputation in case it distracts from main meals. However, a small portion of a nourishing snack can help keep the hangry monsters at bay. If it’s been a while since lunchtime then chances are their blood sugar levels have dropped and it’s harder for them to regulate their emotions. Why not try one of these…

  • Healthy pick ‘n’ mix: give them a bowl of colourful fruit salad scattered with creamy walnuts or satisfying almonds (allergy and age dependent – please be aware of any choking hazards for littler ones). This can be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge for quick feeding.
  • Cheese platter: my little girl loves this! Get a selection of cheeses and cut them into sticks or cubes. Add some mild crackers and cut grapes and they’ve got themselves a mini cheese buffet! I’d recommend cheddar, red Leicester, and edam if you’re not sure which cheeses your children will enjoy.
  • Topped crumpet: toasted crumpets are a warming snack for those autumn/winter afternoons and are small enough not to ruin appetites for dinner. Try cream cheese and jam, peanut butter, or simple butter on a crumpet lightly toasted – yum!

Along with these treats, make sure they’re keeping hydrated with a large beaker of water.

Watch The Hengelings!

It’s normal and common to want your children to have some downtime in front of a screen after school so that you have some precious time to prepare dinner. However, an action-packed thrill ride of a huge loud blockbuster movie isn’t ideal when your children are only a handful of hours off bedtime. Over stimulation causes all sorts of implications in behaviour towards you and their siblings, and trouble settling later in the evening.

How about watching The Hengelings? A brand new children’s TV series that will tick all the boxes. Set in historical Stonehenge, it has the opportunity to be both entertaining for little ones and educational. I definitely appreciate the theme of being sensitive and caring to the environment which runs through each episode. This stop motion animation is produced, directed, and filmed by award-winning film-maker Daniel Simpson. It has a wonderfully warm feeling to it, very reminiscent of popular children’s TV shows gone by, that both children and adults will love! Take a look at the trailer here to get a feel for the series…

I hope this routine has inspired you if you were in a home time rut!

What are your tips for after school slumps?

*This is a collaborative post

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