How to Dispose of Household Junk the Eco-Friendly Way

Improper waste disposal has a negative impact on the environment. Solid waste consists of both biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. The non-biodegradable ones accumulate in landfills and emit greenhouse gases into the environment. Incinerating non-biodegradable waste at home is not recommended because the process produces dioxins, which have harmful health effects. Waste that can rot is still a danger to the environment because, in the process, it emits dangerous gases and ruins the quality of air. As a homeowner, consider the following eco-friendly waste management tips to conserve the environment and human health.

Recycling and Reusing 

Most of the waste that goes to the landfill can be recycled, reused or repurposed. For instance, instead of throwing away shopping bags and cartons, consider washing and reusing the bags and using the cartons for storage in the garage. Also, you can spray paint glass bottles and use them to decorate your home instead of throwing them away. When shopping, go for products which can be reused. This will play a big role in reducing your everyday rubbish. For the plastics, glass, furniture, and electronics which you don’t need, consider giving them up to companies that recycle and refurbish. There are a lot of community recycling programs and finding one that covers your neighbourhood should be easy. One good way to dispose old tech, gadgets or ink toners, is by selling it, you can actually sell unused ink cartridges.

Recycling is good for the environment because it preserves the natural resources, including the non-renewable ones. For instance, when paper is recycled, trees, water, and oil are preserved.


Composting is an eco-friendly way of disposing of biodegradable food waste from your kitchen. Therefore, if you have a small garden, start a compost bin and use the compost as fertiliser for your plants and flowers. This is a healthier alternative to keep your plants healthy compared to the fertiliser sold at the shops. The compost is also packed with nutrients such as nitrogen, iron, copper, potassium and phosphorous, which contribute to the health of the plants. Additionally, it is good for the plants because it loosens the tight soil particles, allowing the roots to spread more easily.

Hire an Eco-Friendly Household Waste Removal Company 

Using a waste removal company is a hassle-free way to get rid of your household and garden waste. The company will collect and dispose of the waste on your behalf. However, you must check the reputation of the company to ensure that their processes are eco-friendly. Evaluate the type of waste they collect and how they handle the biodegradable and the non-biodegradable. Not every company will handle every kind of waste and thus check with them first.

Many people tend to avoid a waste removal company due to costs. However, the benefits of professional waste removal outweigh the costs and it is a reasonable expense for each homeowner. Actually, it could be cheaper to work with a professional, especially when you are moving, doing some renovations and spring cleaning. Most companies will charge you based on your needs. For instance, offers skips in different sizes, so that a homeowner doing some simple cleaning doesn’t end up paying for a 20-yard roll on/off designed for construction jobs.

According to a 2010 to 2015 policy paper by the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, England alone generates 177 million tonnes of waste each year. This causes environmental damage and costs businesses and households lots of money. The key to eliminating waste in society is by recycling, reducing, and reusing as much as you can. By using eco-friendly ways to dispose of waste from your home, you will play a big role in reducing environmental pollution and preserving natural resources.

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  • It’s great that you elaborated on the possible harmful effects on the environment if each household would practice improper waste disposal. We just saw our neighbor get rid of their old appliances in a haste without even properly placing them near trash cans and we’re thinking that we should report her to the locals. It would’ve been better if she waited for garbage collection at least to make it safe for everyone around them.

  • I love your article as next month there will be a ceremony at my brother’s house and we need such a type of service to dispose of the event mess in an eco-friendly way and skip bin hire online is a safe option and considering your comparing option help me a lot. I am going to book a date for that thanks a lot for such a helpful article.