How Do Coloured Contact Lenses Work on Brown Eyes?

Coloured contact lenses are a must-have fashion accessory and growing in popularity across the world. Numerous brands are available on the market in an array of shades and replacement cycles but the hesitation for most is still whether they can cover brown eyes. Well, we are here to help demystify brown coloured contact lenses on brown eyes.

Thanks to advancements in contact lens technology and colour opacity, many coloured contacts can cover natural brown eyes seamlessly, transforming them into alluring shades of greens, blues, grays and hazels. As the dominant eye colour in the world, many brown eyed people look to be able to experiment with and switch up their natural eye colourand it’s never been easier and with more choice than now with coloured contact lenses.

Coloured contact lenses work similarly to regular contact lenses. The difference is that they have a coloured film on the area that covers the iris, transforming the eye colour. The centre is left clear for that the pupil can see out. When putting the lens in, it will sit with your natural eye, fully transforming the iris colour so people won’t even know you’re wearing lenses. The main difference between coloured contact lenses are replacement cycles (how long you can wear the lenses), colours (different brands offer different colours) and limbal ring (essentially the outer ring of the iris and whether it is defined or not).

What are the best coloured contacts for dark brown eyes?

The favourite coloured contact lens choices for dark brown eyes usually include hazels to naturally lighten the existing shades or tones of dark blues and greens that blend effortlessly with the natural iris colour. The Solotica Hidrocor collection is available in a range of beautiful earthy tones and finished without a limbal ring for an extremely natural finish. This collection is most loved by dark brown eyes as the soft finish and natural colour of the lenses blend seamlessly with naturally dark brown eyes.

What are the best colour contact lenses for light brown eyes?

Light brown eyes can be transformed seamlessly into beautiful shades of greens, blues, grays and hazels. Blue coloured contacts are often a favourite colour choice for people with natural light brown eyes. A multitude of shades are available brands for light brown eyes. Our favourite is the Solotica Aquarella Quarterly collection. These lenses come in a 3-month replacement cycle and a stunning range of natural tones, perfect for transforming light brown eyes into the desired colour.

Which coloured contacts are best for your complexion?

With the latest advancements in coloured contact lenses, all colour options are available for any eye colour, even dark brown eyes. Choosing coloured contact lenses for your complexion can add another factor to your choice when reviewing colour choices for the first time.

In general blue coloured contact lenses suit lighter skin tones but the darker blue-gray shades are still a favourite for warmer skin tones. Green coloured contact lenses are suitable for all, as one of the rarest eye colours in the world, green colouredcontact lenses look stunning on light and dark skin tones. Hazel and brown coloured contact lenses look dazzling on warmer skin tones. Naturally dark eyes can benefit from extra depth and sparkle with the use of brown lenses to cover dark eyes and darker skin tones.

Coloured contact lenses are the perfect accessory to finish your look and loved by celebrities and beauty influencers such as Kylie Jenner and Huda Kattan. You can rest assured that when buying from a reputable brand, you can ensure that your natural brown eyes will be seamlessly transformed into the shade of your choosing.

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