How I Keep My Teeth Looking Their Best

There’s nothing quite like having bright, white, healthy teeth. We only get one set of teeth; if we don’t look after them, it’s going to cost a hell of a lot of money to rectify. This is why I make sure I keep my teeth looking their best at all times. How do I do it? I’ll tell you…

~ I Brush, Floss, and Rinse

Some people do just one of the above (usually brushing), others do just two. I consider all three absolutely essential for healthy, great looking teeth! I brush twice a day with my electric toothbrush. They can be expensive, but they do a much better job than a manual brush. You’ll notice the difference straight away. Afterwards, I floss to get rid of any food bits. Then I rinse to freshen my breath and remove the last of the debris. Voila!

~ I Avoid Staining Food/Drink

Some foods and drink can stain the teeth. Once your teeth are stained, it can be a real pain to try to whiten them again. I don’t drink things like tea and coffee. If you’re going to though it is probably better to even drink them through a straw! As a rule, if something would stain a white t-shirt, it’ll stain your teeth. Be mindful of the things you’re eating.



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~ I Chew Gum After a Meal

I pop in a piece of sugar free gum after a meal to help neutralize my plaque acids and freshen my breath. Scientists have proven that this helps to keep the mouth healthy. Plus, it stops me from snacking further!

~ I Never Miss a Dentists Appointment

Although I probably dislike the dentist as much as the next person, I make sure I never miss an appointment at the dental centre. They can spot problems faster than we can, which helps us to avoid spending more and going through more pain in the long run. I have been known to ask for a sticker if I want to brighten up the day.

~ I Whiten Occasionally

I don’t whiten all the time, as this can cause tooth sensitivity. Also, depending on the product you use, you can damage your teeth. Make sure you’re sensible and you research whitening products carefully before you go ahead. If you plan on having somebody else do it, make sure they’re qualified. Speaking to people who have also had it done will help. You shouldn’t take any chances when it comes to your teeth for the sake of the price! I often use strips that stick to the teeth, which allows me to get on with other things while they do their magic. I love how sparkly they make my teeth!

~ I Never Grind or Bite Things

People grind their teeth without even realising it. This can wear down the teeth and leave them chipped and painful. If I ever catch myself clenching my jaw, I stop. I don’t use my teeth as tools either – If there’s a label I need to remove, I get the scissors. As I said, don’t take any chances!

I hope my tips help you keep your own teeth looking their best!

Rebecca x

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