How I Use My iPhone to Improve and Monitor My Health

You might be thinking that using a phone is not something that is typically associated with health or wellness or being conducive to being healthy. The thing is, it is all about how you use the phone that makes a difference. If you only use it to scroll aimlessly on social media, then yes, it won’t be good for your health, both physical or mental. But with iPhones, there are so many things at our fingertips that we can make the most of, with a range of apps to download and use, as well as iPhone specific features. These can all help to boost mental health and mental wellbeing. 

In order to help you to make the most of your iPhone, I’ll show you how my iPhone 12 helps me to look after my health and wellbeing. Being three months postpartum now, I am taking steps to being more active and eating food that fuels, rather than just food that I crave. My iPhone helps with this; seriously!

Tracking my Steps

I have been very aware of how many steps I take each day, after my previous workplace took part in a Global Corporate Challenge to monitor your steps and see how far around the world your team can walk. 10,000 steps a day isn’t too tricky to do, but it can be easy to not do it without knowing how many steps you are taking. Using my iPhone 12, I have found this easy to do, using the Health app. With this app, you can monitor activity levels and steps, as well as sharing that information with friends or family, which definitely helps me with motivation and accountability.

By carrying the iPhone with me, it tracks my steps, stairs that are climbed, and distance walked. It is easy to use and as it is right there, not even a new app that you have to install, checking on my steps each day makes a difference. Now that the weather is getting better I know getting Mason out in the pushchair and out for a walk more often will make a difference and mean my step count gets higher and higher. 


Meditation and mindfulness is something that I used to think was a bit ‘hippy-dippy,’ but honestly, until I tried it myself, I didn’t realise just what a difference it can make to my day. It can be tricky with a busy family life to take time and to remember, but that is why using an app really helps. Headspace is an app that I use with my iPhone that helps with mindfulness; it is just like a workout for the mind. All you need is around ten minutes a day in order to use the app, listen in, and use that time to clear your mind. I find it helps with my anxiety and calmness, but it can help you to be more alert and aware.

Healthy Eating Recipes

I am someone that loves a good cookbook. But there is only so much space on the bookshelf for cookbooks. There are a number of recipes and cooking apps that you can get, but one that I have downloaded is the Deliciously Ella app. I do have some of her cookbooks, and have been a ‘follower’ since she started out with her blog. The app is one that you pay for, but with regular updates and fresh recipes each week, it is something that I use a lot. Having hundreds of plant-based recipes right there on my iPhone is so helpful, especially when deciding on our meal plan for the week. As it is just on my phone it means I can plan my shopping list when sat feeding Mason or when out and about, rather than having to have a book and pen and paper out. 

With the new update of the app, you can also monitor things like your water consumption, sleep, mindfulness, and exercise. If you’re looking for an app to help overall wellness, then it is one that I’d recommend and that is definitely worth the money. 

Period Tracking

Being able to track my period makes such a difference each month! Being able to plan around it, as well as how I’m feeling does help a lot. The Flo app is a menstrual cycle app that comes with a pin code lock, bonus to keep things private and just for you. I used it a lot when planning to get pregnant, but will now use it to avoid just that; haha. 

You can track when your period started and how long it takes, and then it can give you an idea of when you’re ovulating, which can be good to know for a variety of reasons. If you have an irregular cycle like I have, then it can be handy as it tracks how things have been and then gives you predicted cycle dates and ovulation dates.

As you can see, it really is about how you use your phone that makes all of the difference. I am as guilty as anyone for just using my phone to binge Netflix, but having apps on there that I like to use and that work for me and my health and wellbeing, makes such a difference. 

Have you got any favourite apps that you like to use on your iPhone? It would be great to hear what you think.

*This post is a collaboration with O2, but all thoughts and experiences are my own.

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