How to be Safe When Getting Your Ears Pierced for a Teen

Getting their ears pierced is a right of passage for many teens. Although teens sometimes take a DIY approach and self-pierce, this is certainly not recommended. If you want your ears pierced, there are a few things to remember, so your safety is protected at all times.

Dangers of Ear Piercing Gone Wrong

The person you choose to pierce your ears should be a trained professional who practices safety and proper hygiene. Getting your ears pierced involves much more than simply choosing earrings for teens. The following are some of the dangers of improper piercings.

· Infection

· Improper healing

· Earlobe deformation

· Scarring

Tips for Being Safe When Getting Your Ears Pierced

Research is essential when it comes to choosing the right piercing salon. In some states, teens under eighteen will be required to have a parent present. Some states allow teens over 16 to have their ears pierced without parental consent.

The place you get your ears pierced at should have a sound rating online and in the community. They should also have a superior health inspection rating. If the rating is not clearly presented, ask for it. The following tips should make getting your ears pierced a safer process.

1. Check the cleanliness of the piercing salon. If the salon seems dirty and unorganized, choose another place. Cleanliness is essential when piercing ears.

2. Check the training certificate of their piercer to ensure they have been certified to safely perform the piercing.

3. Ensure the piercer uses clean equipment that has been properly sterilized. The earrings used in the piercing need to be fully sealed and never opened.

4. The piercing technician should provide written and oral instructions on properly caring for pierced ears at home.

How to Care for Your Pierced Ears

Properly caring for your pierced ears is also an important part of ensuring the process is safe. When choosing earrings for newly pierced ears, the right metal is vital. Some teens may have sensitivities to metals like nickel, so choosing silver, gold, or stainless steel is wise.

To prevent infection, the earlobes will need to be cleaned daily. Some piercing salons offer cleaning care kits. If one is not given, alcohol is efficient. Always wash your hands before touching your ears to avoid transferring bacteria.

Turning the earrings several times a day will help to prevent the skin from sticking to the post and causing pain. The earrings should not be removed for six to eight weeks and should even be worn at night to prevent the holes from closing.

Once full healing has taken place, your earrings can be changed. If you start to experience any redness, swelling, or other signs of infection, see your doctor right away. Ear infections will typically need antibiotics to heal, depending on the severity.


Having your ears pierced is an exciting experience for most teens. If you follow the above tips and approach the piercing sensibly, you will soon be able to wear all types of earring fashions.

The key to a safe procedure is taking time to research piercing shops and ensuring you know how to care for your ears at home. Keeping them clean will allow them to heal properly, so issues like infection can be avoided.

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