How to Become an Art Dealer

As far as fun and enjoyable jobs go, there are few professions on earth that are considered as exciting as becoming an art dealer. You get to make a lot of money if you play your cards right, and you can rub your shoulders with some of the most interesting people in the world. The question that you might be asking yourself is what steps you can take to actually make it as an art dealer. If you would like to know what you should do, then it is definitely recommended to read this guide that’s been created for your viewing pleasure below.  

Get a Job at a Gallery

You cannot become a successful art dealer unless you have experience within the art industry in the first place and build those necessary connections to become a success. This means that you should actually get a job in an art gallery first. If you can’t get employed fully, to begin with, then there is no shame in starting right from the bottom with an internship. You will be able to understand the ins and outs of spotting fake antiques, how to make great connections, and the best ways in order to make sales. 

Find a Niche

High-end art is one of the most manipulated markets in the world. This essentially means that there are a few people at the very top who are able to dictate prices and have a grip on the entire market. This means that it is actually very hard for you to break into the art world as a dealer, especially if you don’t have that much prior experience. The good news is that there are still a whole host of ways that you can still get ahead in the business. One of the best ways is by developing your own niche, meaning that you can become an expert on a particular subject. 

Get to Know the Right People

Knowing the right stakeholders is essential in the art world. This is because you need to make sure that you are able to connect with the right buyers who are actually willing to make those purchases thatwill ensure your livelihood. This means being seen in all the right places, such as the Three Basels — Miami Beach, Hong Kong, and Basel, Switzerland — as well as the kind of places where high-end artbuyers live. 

Become More Knowledgeable About Art

If you want to be the best art dealer possible, you need to become armed with all the best knowledge possible about art. For example, you will be able to become very knowledgeable if you decide to pursue an art history degree at an institute of higher education. You should just be aware that the cost of higher education can be rather high, so you should definitely make sure that you are absolutely committed to heading to college before you finally make that final plunge. Nonetheless, if you are serious about becoming an art dealer, it is definitely going to be the right choice in the end.

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