How to Choose a New Evening Bag For New Mums in 2022

When you have a baby, life comes with a little extra baggage (literally!) If you’re a new parent, you are likely experiencing that firsthand every time you leave the house. From making sure you’ve packed nappies and wipes to even a spare outfit for your little one, your regular handbag just won’t cut it out anymore. However, when it comes to formal evening events, you can still have fun with your handbag. Here’s our guide on what to use and how to choose the best evening bag as a new parent. 

How to choose party bags for mums?

When it comes to choosing a clutch  or evening bag for new mums, there are a few extra things to consider. Make sure you factor these things into your new purchase:

● Waterproof: Babies often go hand in hand with mess (and accidents), so opting for water resistant material is a smart choice.

● Easy to clean: Ditch the fabric material handbags like suede or satin or heavily jewelled and opt for an easy to clean handbag (the type that’s done with a single wipe).

● Pockets: Ideal for compartmentalising all the bits and bobs you have to carry around now. It’ll keep you that little more organised and allow you to quickly find what you need.

● Roomy: Space for a few choice essentials like a dummy, hand sanitiser and tissues.

● Shoulder or crossbody straps: You want something easy to sling over your pram or across your body if your newborn is in your arms.

● Acrylic: This is a great option in terms of being easy to clean and stain resistant

● Dark colours: If leaks or spills happen, they’re better on blacks or dark shades rather than a crisp white handbag.

Evening bags to avoid for new mums 

● Sequins and embellishments: Difficult to clean in case of accidents.

● Satin or fabric material: When we see a fabric bag we think immediately of all the stains they could pick up. Best avoided. 

● Tassels: Little baby hands love to pull on things so tassels are best avoided if you want to keep your bag in good condition.

● Clutch bags with no strap: Ditch the clutch bag in favour of something with a strap so you can go hands-free.

4 Best Evening Bags for Mums in 2022

Here’s our roundup of our favourite 4 formal party bags for new mums in 2022. Because you deserve to look just as fabulous as anyone else at the party!

1. Juliana Framed Top Handle Bag

Very glam yet roomy enough that it can totally work for new mums on a night out. Whilst it is technically a top handle bag, it actually comes with an Acrylic long shoulder chain which allows you to go hands free (or at least carry your baby with both arms). Made with smooth vegan leather, it’s also got our tick of approval as being easy to clean. Find it at Olga Berg.

Features of Juliana Bag: 

● W20cm x H12.5cm x D10cm

● Shoulder chain drop length 50cm

● Smooth Vegan Leather

● Short Acrylic & Metal Handle

● Brushed Gold Tone Hardware

● Removable Shoulder Chain

2. Katie Top Handle Bag

Another elegant black evening bag for new mums. The Katie bag features an easy to clean vegan leather with a fun chunky gold strap. It’s not incredibly roomy, so you’d want to pack a nappy bag as well but you could keep your essentials safe in here. Available at Olga Berg.

Features of Katie Bag: 

● H15cm x W19cm x D6cm

● Shoulder chain drop length 50cm

● Saffiano vegan leather

● Gold tone hardware

● Magnetic closure

● Removable shoulder chain

3. Cambrie Studded Shoulder Bag

For when you want something reliable and comfy, go for the Cambrie bag. It can be worn in the palm of the hand, but also easily slips over your shoulder or cross body. It’s a solid bag that allows you to hold all your accessories and the vegan leather is really easy to keep clean. 

Features of Cambrie Shoulder Bag: 

● Shoulder strap drop length 50cm

● Vegan leather

● Studded detailing

● Gold tone hardware

● Magnetic closure

● Removable shoulder strap

4. Veronica Double Sided Bag

We leave you with something a little more serious, for when space is your top priority in a party handbag. The Veronica bag works for a day at the office, a trip to the cafe, and a formal dinner affair with bub tagging along. Featuring clean lines, a luxe vegan leather outer and two spacious compartments, large enough to fit all of your day to night essentials. 

Features of Veronica Bag: 

● Shoulder chain drop length 50cm

● Gold tone hardware

● Magnetic closure

● Two large compartments

● Removable shoulder chain

Ready to let your hair down and have some fun? Remember, just because you come with a little more baggage these days, you still get to have a blast with your party outfit!

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