How to Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape

The earrings that you decide to wear everyday are an expression of your personality — but did you know that it is possible to use them to complement the unique shape of your face, too? Whether your face is oval or heart-shaped, round or square, here is a handy guide to select your earrings accordingly. 

Round Face 

If you have a small chin and your face is at its broadest at the cheekbones, then your face shape is considered to be round. Anyone with a round face should select earrings, such as those from, that elongate the face so as to create balance. These could be drop or dangle earrings — just steer clear of any designs that include round accents, such as shimmering discs, and definitely avoid circular hoop earrings if you can.

Heart-Shaped Face 

If your face is broadest at the forehead and your chin extends somewhat, then your face is considered to be heart-shaped. In order to ensure a better sense of balance to your appearance, you should try to choose earrings that dangle, but that are wider at the bottom than the top, such as teardrop, triangle, or chandelier style earrings. 

Square-Shaped Face 

Square-shaped faces are angular, and you will usually have a strong jaw that is around the same width as your forehead. If you want to soften the look of your face, stick to earring styles that are round in nature, such as hoops, or dangling earrings that have circular accents. Try to avoid any square-shaped studs which could overemphasise the natural angles of your face. 

Oval-Shaped Face 

If your face is circular, but not quite round, and you have a softly extended chin, your face is considered to be oval in shape. Those with oval-shaped faces are the luckiest because they are able to pull off practically any style of earrings from hoops and studs to dangling and chandelier designs. However, if you are keen to emphasise your killer cheekbones, you can’t go wrong with a pair of triangular dangling earrings.

Long and Narrow Face 

If your chin and forehead are both extended past the point of being considered oval, then you have a long and narrow face. Create balance by avoiding any elaborate dangling or loop earrings. Opt for studs instead or give cluster earrings a try. Circular hoop earrings also look great on you, especially if they are slightly thicker.

Remember, while choosing earrings according to your unique face shape is a good general guide to finding the perfect pair that will see you through both work and play, it is equally important to select your jewellery based on your personality. If those round, sparkly hoops are calling your name even though you have a round face, who cares? Jewellery is supposed to act as an extension of who you are, so be as creative as you want to and place the most emphasis on choosing the earrings that make you feel beautiful and confident. Happy shopping!

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