How to choose the right dentist for your child

As a parent, you have many responsibilities when it comes to your child. This includes their dental hygiene and finding the right dentist for your child. A child’s teeth are more prone to damage and cavities compared to adults, so you want to make sure your child is with an expert practice. 

But, for many children, going to the dentist’s can often be a daunting experience. Therefore, you want to find a dental practitioner who your child is comfortable with, so they can maintain a healthy smile. Here’s what to consider when choosing the right dentist for your child. 

Ask for recommendations

When researching for a suitable dentist for your child, you want to ask any family or friends for their recommendations. Their experiences will help to point you in the right direction, as well as make a list of potential dentists for your child. What better way to gather information than asking those you trust the most? 

Certifications and qualifications

Obviously, you want to make sure whoever is working on your child is qualified. However, when deciding on a dental clinic for your child, go one step further to see what they specialise in. 

For example, when it comes to children a paediatric dentist will be much more capable at and tending to your child’s oral care and any tooth issues they might have. This could include, for instance, providing care for tooth issues that have stemmed from thumb sucking

A paediatric dentist will also be skilled in making trips to the dentist relaxing and comfortable for your child. This means your child will be receiving specialist care and have a pleasant experience, which will reduce any fears they could have about going to the dentists. 

Check out the practice

Before choosing a practice, you want to visit it and get a feel for the environment. Meeting a dentist in person will help you to decide if they are the right fit for your child. On your visit you will be able to identify what kind of equipment they use and whether or not it is suitable for children, for example, smaller in size to equipment in your dental office. 

You want to make sure the dental office is child-friendly too. Does the waiting area provide children’s toys or books to occupy them? Are staff approachable and friendly? Do they interact well with children? These are all important factors that will make or break your child’s experience when visiting the dentist so it’s important to look out for them. 

Make sure to ask any questions you have at your visit and discuss any oral care concerns you might have with your child’s potential dentist. The right dentist will be happy to go over these questions with you and take an interest in your child’s tooth hygiene.


The location of a dental office is also important. While you don’t want to travel too far, it might be worth spending an extra 10 minutes travelling for the right dentist for your child. When researching online, you might come across a dentist with multiple practices. For example, if you are looking for a dentist in London, Ten Dental have three practices located across the city, meaning your child can still receive quality oral care without having to travel too far.

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