How to Choose the Right Sized Art for Your Space

No space is complete without some art to enhance the room and be a focal point for users. When it comes to wall art however, size matters. Too small and a room can look incomplete, too big and a room feels overcrowded. 

To help you pick a masterpiece that compliments your space, here are a list of rules and guidelines, to make sure you get it just right. 

Some simple sizing rules

When it comes to wall hangings, the typical rule is “bigger is always better”. According to canvaspop there are two simple rules that will help you pick the right size wall art – the size of the wall and the location of the hanging. There is some simple maths involved, but it is the best way to go. 

On a wall that is not obstructed by furniture or moldings, artwork should take up between two thirds and three quarters of the available space. When hanging above furniture, for instance a bed or a sofa, the same rules apply. 

Don’t forget to take framing into consideration! If you buy a piece that is unframed, remember a frame will add a few more inches. 

Filling the visual field

Consider the shape of your wall space. Should you hang your piece horizontally or vertically? Hanging a piece portrait will add a sense of height and openness to a space, whereas a landscape piece will fill the visual field on a blank space.

If a piece is going on a blank wall, the rule of thumb is to hang so the centre of the piece falls at eye level. Wayfair suggests getting the dimensions of your space before deciding what size piece you would like. When adding a piece to a wall that has a piece of furniture involved, it is important to give the art some breathing room. Hang the work at least 4 inches above the top of the furniture. 

A gallery wall or a single piece? 

Gallery walls are a fun way to fill space, especially when you’re drawn to more than one piece by the same artist. Artwork that is the same size can be grouped together, or create really interesting pieces, by adding work of varying sizes. 

Start by laying your pieces on the floor first, making sure the heights and width follow the same guidelines as above, for maximum effect. Space the art about 2-4 inches apart and make sure this is considered when measuring up the wall in the first place.

Sometimes, one oversized piece is the best way to go in an open space. In a room that is plain and open, a large piece that dominates the wall is a great way to maximise the space. 

If you follow all the rules laid out above, you will soon have a home that is reminiscent of a Charles Saatchi gallery. 

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