How to Create the Bathroom That You Want

It’s important to get your home looking the way you want it to, and your bathroom is a huge part of that. Here is the ultimate guide for what to include in your new bathroom, so that it feels like the one that you’ve always really wanted.

Cement Tiles

Good cement tiles can look really great in a bathroom. They’re vibrant, easy to clean, and can really liven up a plain-looking space. They can get chilly, though, so consider some under-floor heating before laying them down! Focus all the attention on your flooring by painting the walls a simplistic white.

Wall-Mounted Taps

Is there anything fresher and more modern than taps coming out of your wall? These look incredible, and even save you a bit of space, too! Try pairing them with a trough style sink. These are very ‘in’ and make your bathroom looking very elegant, which is all you’ve ever wanted – right?


Glass shower enclosures are beautiful. There is something very spa-like about seeing the glassware steam up when you having a hot bath or shower. Glass within a bathroom can also massively aid the lighting of a space. You want your new bathroom to feel bright and airy, and this is the perfect way to achieve that.



Bright Light

Bright halogen pot lights are perfect for creating the perfect ambience for your bathroom. They, like cement tiles, add a level of vibrancy to a room. It’s important to install lighting that you can dim, too. In the evenings, you may prefer a cosy, dimly light bath with a candle, for example. The lighting in your bathroom can also draw attention to certain aspects of the room that you are fondest of, too.


Hanging a gorgeous and massive mirror on the wall of your bathroom will do wonders for your space. The mirror will instantly make the room feel bigger and lighter, as it reflects the sun’s rays. Consider a simple shelf below it for your bathroom essentials; toothbrush, makeup, etc. and you’re away.


Installing some greenery into your bathroom gives it an incredible feel. The luscious smells from gorgeous plants like aloe vera only heighten your senses. Getting nice, big ceramic pots for your plants to go in makes your room look incredible – give it a go. Maybe try some bamboo, too.


Placing candles around your bathroom can also fill the room with beautiful aromas. While merely a cosmetic touch, it can still have a massive impact. Consider scented ones for maximum indulgence at bath time. You could even burn incense at the door of your new bathroom. This will help separate the stressful outside world with your new haven.

Hopefully, these tips will help you create the bathroom of your dreams. It’s so important for your home to feel like your own, so key rooms like your bathroom are in dire need of a makeover. Any of these additions or changes could instantly transform your bathroom and leave you with the one that you’ve always really want. Enjoy and indulge.

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