How To Detox You Way Through Negativity

The things we put into our bodies and how we take care of ourselves is reflected in how we feel about ourselves and what we are able to accomplish each and every day.

If we don’t look after our bodies then we tend to feel badly about ourselves which begins the vicious cycle of not wanting to take care of our bodies the way we should be. 

Start giving your body the good treatment it deserves in order to help rid your life of the negativity and to become the best version of you possible.

Eat Natural Where Possible 

As the famous phrase goes, ‘You are what you eat’. While it is often easier and more convenient to pick up fast food through a drive-through rather than take the time to prepare a meal for yourself at home, eating this kind of food impacts on your physical and mental health in a very significant way.

 Artificial ingredients such as colours, flavours and preservatives add unnecessary chemicals to your diet and can impact on your mood and levels of concentration. Food that is high in fat and sugar not only leads you to gain weight it can also affect your mental health if consumed too much. Sugar works to give you a temporary boost but longer term, it leads to spikes in your blood sugar. 

Aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day and eight glasses of water to keep you feeling good. 

Seek Alternative Treatments 

When we feel as though we need a boost, many of us will turn to vitamin capsules to help us along the way. But does this temporary fix work longer term? These days there are many treatments available to help tackle lifelong issues such as physical and mental illness. 

NAD therapy can help to treat depression and anxiety, through helping to repair the body from within and help to combat brain deterioration. Abandoning our brain health can lead to potential mental and physiological disorders. 

Get Enough Sleep 

The amount of sleep you get every night will have an impact on how you feel every day. Your time sleeping is when you restore your energy levels and repair any damage done to your body throughout the day. Sleep deprivation will weaken the immune system and influence your ability to fight disease and illnesses. Not getting enough sleep will also impact on the hormones that reflect how hungry you feel you are throughout the day.

Getting a bad night’s sleep will leave you feeling negative at the end of the day. You’re likely to feel irritable, lacking in focus, which may mean being extra clumsy and causing damage to yourself.

Be Kind To Yourself 

The words you say to yourself have the biggest impact on how you feel about yourself overall. If you believe yourself to be anything other than brilliant, talented, and loved then this reflects on your self-esteem. Practice self-love and start to feel like the wonder you truly are. 

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