How to Dress Your Little One for Spring?

The sun is out, the air is sweet with the scent of newly bloomed flowers and the birds are chirping away. Kids can now play outside without having to wear thick winter coats, hats and gloves. As warmer days approach, the real fun begins!

Parents, you don’t have to worry, there are various ways of dressing your kid for a day out under the sunshine. It’s all in the matter of choosing the right pieces for their springtime wardrobe that’ll be both light enough to prevent over-sweating, but thick enough that the clothes are not too breezy and chilly.

Here are a few ideas of how to dress your kids for Spring:

Raincoat: With April showers and unexpected rainfall, a light rain mac is a must in the springtime. You could go for florals or prints to make a statement or bright reds, yellows and greens for something less fussy.

Cosy, colourful cardigans: Just because it’s spring, doesn’t mean it’s completely hot outside. At times, the chill of the winter winds can still breeze through and can prove to be too cold for your children. For walks along the beach or in the woods, a thick cosy cardi is a must have to grab when it’s chilly but dry. Make sure it’s colourful or even patterned to give off bright, happy spring vibes.

Hoods up: Sweater weather doesn’t have to stop simply because it’s no longer winter. Hoodies are the perfect item to just grab and go for both girls and boys. In fact, they’re just as handy for spring as they are for autumn and winter.

Turn up jeans: It’s definitely still jeans weather but why not turn that denim up around the ankle for a more summery look? Paired with a cute tee and some trainers, they’ll be the coolest kid on the block.

Patterned leggings: Leggings are perfect attire for this time of year. Simple, comfy and they still look great. Go for a bright pair with a fun pattern, much like the spring styles by Monnalisa leggings and legging sets. But remember, leggings aren’t just for girls, little boys can totally pull off this look! Stripey grey, fox print or khaki – let your boys enjoy the comfort of leggings, too!

Wellie boots: Just because spring is here it doesn’t mean it’s the end of muddy puddle season. Keeping a pair of wellies in the back of the car is always a good shout incase the weather turns.

Pastel Tee’s: Pastel colours don’t attract as much sunlight as dark colours which absorb the heat. So, your little ones will have an easier time running around and playing under the springtime sun with light coloured t-shirts.

Short sleeved dresses: Although sleeveless dresses are tempting, we’re not quite in summer yet. It’s best if you store them aside for just a couple of weeks. For spring, short sleeves are the way to go for little girls’ dainty dresses. They’re the cutest and comfiest wardrobe pieces that they’ll love wearing.

Swimwear: Now might be a good idea to invest in some swimwear for the year; who knows a heat wave could be around the corner and we need to be ready for these things!

It’s such a relief to know that you have a variety of children’s clothes for every need and occasion. We hope these suggestions help you get your kids springtime-ready!

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